Have Public Schools Failed us

There are some things that need to be taken into affect. Not all public schools are the same. There are ones that are outstanding, then there are the ones that are not.

This is truly an unfair topic to ask. I really believe so. There is no real failure here except within ourselves. Whether we are educators of any kind, or parents(supportive or not). Times have changed, there is much more to be taught in so little time.

Take for instance the show “Little House on the Prairie”. When and where is the setting? Late 1800’s. They had talked about President Lincoln before. How was school then? How did people react then? There has been so many changes, so much more history, science, math, health, discoveries since then.

It is not fare to ask this topic to be written on. This has to do with an individual basis of educators within a certain school. I have a 13yr old son. He goes to a public school. Some of his teachers are great, some are not. I volunteer, PTA, and I have been on the board as a parent Representative. To classify public schools failing is wrong. People fail.

I do not believe public schools have failed, nor do I believe they have succeeded either. It all depends on how we utilize what it is we have in front of us.