How Children Benefit from Public Education

Not only do children benefit from public education, the society also benefits from public education. A public education helps keep children off the streets and reduces teenager crimes. If children are not in school, the chances of them committing crimes increases. The resources that public schools provide in communities are often forgotten. Students receive a free education when they attend public schools. They also receive free transportation to and from schools. Public schools also have nurses and counselors on hand to help with medical issues and personal issues. When children attend public schools, they get an education, they develop social skills and they develop life skills.

First, children get a good education when they attend public schools. There are public schools that do not do a good job teaching students. On the other hand, there are many schools that are very successful in making sure that students receive a good education. In public schools, students are taught English, math, science, history, reading and writing. In fact, public schools have special educational programs for students that are disabled or sick. These are only a few benefits the students receive from a public school.

Next, public schools teach children how to develop social skills. Children are taught how to communicate with people effectively. They are also taught how to express their feelings, interests and desires to others. Students also benefits because their teachers are certified by the states. Children also benefit because they are in a social environment with people from various backgrounds and cultures. For example, in public schools, children of all races are learning together. In private schools, there may be all white or all black students. It is very important that students learn how to interact with other races. When the students become adults, they have experience in dealing with people from different cultures.More importantly, public schools have “voices” that speak out for the students at the state, local, and federal levels.

Children develop very important life and survival skills while studying at a public institution. There are students that will not go to college. Some students prefer to get a trade and take care of elderly family members. How do they do this? They learn the basics in a public school and move on to a technical school and get a job. Students become auto mechanics, welders, electricians, plumbers, air conditioning and heating technicians, computer repair technicians, barbers and carpenters. Why? The students attended a public school.

Finally, public schools systems all across America form partnerships with colleges and universities to help students get jobs. Public school students also become doctors, nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, college professors, executives, and professional athletes. Yes, a public education can help children become productive members in our society.