How Information Technology Benefits Education – Yes

The world is rushing to tap into the benefits of Information Technology. To not include it in our education, in teaching and learning, would be missing out. Our children are unique. They have different talents and interests. This is precisely why the blackboard method of teaching and reading from books is not going to cut it any longer.

Technology is ubiquitous with numerous benefits. Its importance and our dependency on it can’t be stressed enough. Students use technology in all walks of life and embrace it. Thus, they already have an introduction and interest in the concept. Let us look at some of the ways in which Information Technology can benefit teaching and learning.

Visual learners

An approximate 65% of humans are visual learners. They are able to better grasp concepts by seeing visually displayed teaching content. A video with lots of colors and cartoon characters is more likely to grab a third grader’s attention than a dull pie chart on the blackboard. Concepts are known to sit longer in your head through visual learning.

Variety of methods

With an endless source of different kinds of applications and teaching methods that can be applied through Information technology, it is a whole new playing field. English teachers can now win over obstinate students who refuse touch any piece of literary work by distributing audio content. It can be learnt on the way to school or before bed time. Dialogues with a variety of tone and intonation are more likely to sustain their interest in the topic.


Information Technology does not limit learning to behind closed doors. Living in a fast paced society such as ours, we could use all the time we can get. The eBook reader, tablet or laptop can save us a lot of time. Learning can continue almost anywhere. Carrying bulky books and notes is a notable discouragement to students. However, with the advent of Information Technology, space saving methods are endless. An eBook reader weighing a mere 100 grams can contain your entire college syllabus.


Students have a variety of courses and modules they take. Information technology can come in very handy to aid with organization. They can categorize their to-do lists and use MS One Note or any other similar software to keep sane with the escalating workload and increased academic texts. It benefits teachers alike who get work done faster as technology aids with the mountain of paperwork.

Save time

Any amount of time saved can be indefinitely put to better use. Imagine the time saved on handing in assignments in person, or waiting till class to issue that homework paper.  Online learning opens up a world of opportunities for working adults or those who live too far to get their degree of choice in a particular school.

In conclusion, Information Technology has undoubtedly benefited the education industry. There are arguments for sources of distraction in learning through IT but these are negligible in comparison to the benefits reaped.