How the Cold War Affected Education in the United States

The cold war was a war that did not involves any use of arms to attack. This war involves the use of propaganda and liars as a weapon to attacks one another. It was just an ideological arm race between the socialist who where United Stated of America and communist who where the Soviet Union. This war emergence immediately after the World War II and though it did not involves using of arms, there are some regions that break into real war. In United States of America, the cold war affects the education system in many levels.

People of America had to live in fears as they could not trust on one another. Even the students were thought in school to treats negatively those who were communist and therefore causing a lot of tension tin the society they were coming from. This brought psychological and emotional problems to the entire society.

The government of United State of America stresses so much on sciences and mathematics. The students from all levels were thought more on this field in order to meet the high rising demand of the professions to handles electronic and mechanical challenges that would arise in case of any war out breaks. The congress passes The National Defense Education Act in the year 1958.This bill was to  help in ensuring that  America have adequate and highly trained individuals in order  to compete with Soviet Union in  scientific and technical fields. This brought a great positive impact in development of technology.

Men who have attained the age of eighteen years old were forced to terminate their education and join defense force. This was to ensure that in case of any war break out, there were enough and well trained military force in America. This practice undermines of the goals and dreams projected by those who were forced to join military.

Teachers who were suspected to be socialist were harassed in their work. Some teachers in Hollywood stars were attacked. Without enough evidence they were arrested and later exiled. This shows how discrimination was being carried out by the government

 Federal government was given more support to expand education in order to high education to the students. There was a new agenda of curriculum introduced. In July 1962, a committee was established by the National Governor`s Conference which was to carry out education pertaining the cold war.

Universities on the other hand was also underwent dramatic changes in their normal activities. New curriculum was thought federal aid was granted to them inform of loans. Universities stared to offers new variety of classes especially in the field of languages. Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Persian-Farsi and Russian were being the most languages emphasizes. This emerges due to the great demands of advance speakers by U.S.A. government.

The impacts that were brought by the cold war in the education in United States of America played a major role. Cold war despite the negative effects it causes, contributes significantly to the development in scientific field which up to now it has been modernized. America has also successfully achieved her targets by implementing socialism through education curriculum introduced during cold war.