How to achieve good grades

Every student is different. Some will achieve fantastic grades while seemingly making very little effort. Others will struggle to do well, even when they put in a lot of work, or they may do well one year, and then fail another. There are many factors that affect student achievement; if you are hoping to do well as a student, or want your child to do well, then you need to think about some of the most common ones. 

Choice of subject

During the first few years of schooling, it often isn’t possible to choose subjects. However, once it is possible, then the choice a student makes is very important, because if they don’t enjoy it, they are very unlikely to do well in it. Parents should ensure that they are not pushing their child to do a subject that, ultimately, they are bound to fail. 

Mental health

Many people tend to forget that it is very possible for children to have mental health problems – depression, bipolar disorder, behavioural problems or emotional problems as a result of abuse or a death in the family. Any of these issues can affect a student’s ability to study well. If they are not happy in themselves, they will struggle to see the bigger picture and the need for good grades.

Physical health

Physical health problems can also be a major problem. Those students who are forced to fit their studying around their illness will struggle to make the grades, especially if they need to take a long time off studying for treatment. Parents and teachers can ensure that tutoring is available as necessary, but a healthy body and mind are really needed for the best results. 


Schools and colleges are full of other students of all types of personalities and there are bound to be a few who bully. If a student is on the receiving end of bullying, then it can seriously affect their ability to achieve good grades. If they are bullied because of their intelligence, they may deliberately sabotage their grades in order to fit in. They may even start to miss classes to keep away from the bullies. 

Parental support

A certain amount of parental support is needed if a student is to achieve good grades. If a parent doesn’t see results as important, then the chances are the student won’t either. On the other hand, too much parental involvement can also be detrimental. Teenagers in particular are half way through developing their own personality and could resent too much pushing for good grades, deliberately doing badly. 


The environment in which a student studies is important, both at home and at school. A school with great equipment and plenty of space for students to study in quietly and safely is more likely to be conducive to studying than a school with limited equipment and sub-standard classrooms. Likewise, if the home environment is peaceful and safe, then students are more likely to get their studying done. 

Standard of teachers

The standard of teachers is vital for student success. Younger students are unlikely to be able to study on their own and will need a great deal of guidance. Older students will need plenty of encouragement and support, otherwise they may lose the desire to learn. Teachers need to be able to increase a student’s thirst for knowledge, but unfortunately, not every teacher is that talented. 

Ultimately, if a student wants to achieve, they should be able to find a way of doing so despite all the factors against them. However, that takes a great deal of willpower and not every student is capable of doing that without help.