How to be a Good Teacher

How to be a good teacher? A question which has plagued many, yet has a very simply set an answers to it. I define a few things which I consider are essential to any good teacher, especially when dealing with younger children. This is a crucial age range where it is important to utilize proper teaching methods for a satisfactory outcome. These principles also apply if you are a higher education teacher, or even a tutor. When you are trying to teach a person, remember that you have already acquired the skill, and now you are passing the skill onto the student.

The first important aspect to being a good teacher is to be a good listener. A student desires to be listened to. They are trying to figure out a problem, and they are depending on you to teach them this skill. Listening is crucial to making a student feel valued and connected. The teacher understands their issue better than someone who was not listening to them, and can be more effective at administering the curriculum. Being a good listener also benefits a teacher when dealing with other teachers, as well as higher-level staff such as the principle and school board administrators.

The next best aspect to being a good teacher is to be personable. Why become a teacher if you are going to scare half of your students out of the class by being an intimidating figure. Strive for a personal relationship with each student, and work to gain the trust and friendship of students as you teach them. This community feeling will help to cultivated a much smarter class, where every student feels involved in the learning process, and they actually enjoy learning together.

Passion is another important aspect to being a good teacher. How can you be a good teacher if you do not love what you do? I’ve said this time and time again to people. If you just consider teaching a job, you won’t be effective at educating. There are other things that can hamper your passion of being a teacher, for instance if I don’t like math, then I wouldn’t want to be a math teacher. But if I love English then I should strive to be an English teacher. Find the topic that you love and teach about it. If you are teaching about something that does not interest you then you will not like your job very much.

There is more to being a teacher then just the title. You want to strive to be a good teacher, and with passion and the right attitude you can be an excellent teacher.