Ideas for Improving the United States Education System

This is a revolutionary idea to reform and enhance the education system in our country.

Every child in grade school, all the way up to grade 12, should have an electronic tablet which is called a “Virtual Teacher”. Where these tablets will come from, including the money to make them, is addressed further in this proposal. But first, let’s address what this Virtual Teacher does and why it will remarkably improve our education system.

Right now, we have a teacher problem. The quality of our teachers, and the quantity. The VT, (Virtual Teacher) solves this problem completely. Here’s how it works….

When a child is introduced into our school system he or she will be given this electronic tablet which is a lightweight, perhaps 8 by 10 inch palm pilot type device. In addition to all the books the student carries every day to school (or even better, instead of the books, which saves a lot of money right there), the student always has with him his VT. All of his assignments for the year are in the VT. All updates are transmitted wireless from the teacher’s desk.

When the child at home completes his home work, the VT instantly grades it. This is an extremely important advancement. Right now, every child has to wait until the next day or so to see how well he has learned his lesson. By the time he finds out, the teacher is already moving on to the next subject. This is how kids get left behind. This time gap in grading greatly erodes a child’s learning potential.

Imagine it’s 6:30 on a Monday night, and a 4th grader just finished his homework on the VT and gets his grade. It’s a C-. Knowing that he didn’t do so well, he most likely will be inspired to redo a few of those math problems his VT says he got wrong. The VT never gives the answers, just the grade. It is always up to the child to figure out what he did wrong. Thus he will learn. Why will the child put in the extra effort? Either he cares about himself or he cares about what his parents or teacher may think, whatever the reason,
he will be motivated to reflect much more deeply on his lesson.

And here’s the kicker, this child’s parent or parents knows he has a VT and not only can they easily verify that their beloved child has done their homework, they can see immediately how well he/she did. Now think of the parents motivation when they see that C-. We can expect that most parents will take a moment, that right now they never have a reason to take, to sit down with their child to help them get a better grade on the VT. This VT will engage the parents in the child’s education on a daily basis.

Even the laziest of parents can take a glance at the VT and tell their kid to go bump up that grade a little bit. Which is what every real teacher wants from their student’s parents. Think of how this helps struggling single parents monitor how their child is doing academically.

This is something no child in the world has yet and it is the answer to how we are going to make our future generations more educationally competitive.

Now here’s a bonus. In the VT, is not only the standard uniform lesson plan for the year, it has every year, all the way up. So, let’s say you have a child that is average in English but brilliant in math, he loves math. He can take on higher lessons and go at a speed that is appropriate for him, in any subject. His schooling becomes tailor made. It’s like having your own personal tutor. As our system is right now, a teacher neither has the time, inclination or ability to notice if one specific kid has great talent in a certain area. The VT is a way to flag and maximize the potential of every child in America. Right now our children are lumped together in classes that move at a collective pace with out any mechanism to exploit and foster individual potential. This is a great loss to those children and a great loss to our country. The VT revolutionizes they way we teach our kids.

Now, where do these VTs come from?

Imagine if our next President were to approach Philanthropists like Melinda Gates (whose #1 passion is education) and Bill Gates (whose #1 passion is computers) and ask them to use some of the billions that is in their charitable foundation (along with Warren Buffet’s money) to create a non-profit manufacturing business that would mass produce these VTs and sell them to the U.S. school system at an affordable cost. Imagine if our next President told Bill Gates he would be providing a great service to his country. A country that has given him the opportunity to attain such a great success like no other country in the world could.

I suspect Mr. Gates would take Our next President’s proposal very seriously. Especially since computers are his forte. Of course, Melinda Gates would be quite thrilled as well.

And Gates is not the only option. There are many other philanthropists and mechanisms out there to come up with funding for this project.
If presented to the American people the right way, they would demand it’s funding.