Increase Mind Creativity think

Creativity is the use of the imagination and fresh ideas. Creativity is our innate ability to tap into, produce or discern ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems. It involves whole-brain thinking that is not governed by rules, boundaries or any other limits. I is our ability to think outside the norm. This may sound cliche’ but it is our level of effectiveness thinking outside the box.

The manner in which we are educated teaches us conformity rather individuality. Most of our educational experience has been influenced more by rote learning and memorization rather than expression and reasoning. This educational experience that I am making reference to is not only school but even the training we receive as children by our parents and even later in life when we enter the working world.

Unfortunately we have been conditioned to accept confined ways of thinking about the world we live in. Different perspectives are not really encouraged, embraced or expected. As a result we learned to suppress our creative ability. This limits our ability to expand our thoughts into the outer realms of normalcy. For example, we are taught to color within the lines, follow the rules even if it does not make since to you, not to challenge authority, walk in a straight line and memorize dates and event just as it is in the textbook etc.

There are many ways to increase our creativity; however, it is important to make the mental connection that we were born creative. It is   a part of our nature. Many of us fail to make the connection that we are creative. If we are asked the question: Do you know any creative people? Most of us would think of someone other than our self.  We say to our self, “I’m not creative.”  “I can’t draw.”  “I can’t sing.” ” I can’t dance.” So on and so forth.  We become so comfortable with this belief that it feels uncomfortable to think of  yourself as being a creative person. Ironically we celebrate the members of society who live creatively but fail to embrace our own creative abilities.

 As we try new things creativity happens within the mind and floods it with more imagination.  As the mind becomes more imaginative it productively creates more original ideas and thoughts. Those who appear to be more creative have simply pursued, experienced and encountered  more new activities which has  broaden their vision and world view beyond mainstream standards. The world is not divided into creative and the uncreative.  We all are creative however some are creatively engaged and others have not tapped their creative resources.  You can increase your creativity simply by changing how you think and mustering up the courage to embark on new experiences, challenges, points of view, languages and cultures.

In order to become more creative a mind shift needs to take place in our thinking that makes us more comfortable with it.  The following thoughts about our outlook on creativity  can help us begin the process of thinking differently. These thoughts can change your belief about creativity and widen you awareness which will consequently increase your personal creativity.

You were born creative. We are wired to be creative and we are genetically empowered to create. Personal creativity is not about intelligence or information. It’s about inspiration. Our creativity has been suppressed due to the way we have been taught to use our minds. Creativity is about your personal uniqueness. Any single idea can generate several new ideas that help our brain move into create mode. The fear of being different and standing out can stifle personal creativity. It is important to maintain an open mind that can help us overcome the fear and anxiety of experiencing rejection. Our ability to handle and accept ridicule can boost confidence to be creative.  

Creativity is developed through engaging the mind in learning  and seeking to understand  a different perspective. it also involves thinking in alternative ways.   Increasing creativity involves experiencing and respecting your surroundings.  On a personal level we must discover what inspires us to create. There are  always more than one  solution to any problem. Allow this fact to intrinsically motivate you to be creative in solving challenging problems. Avoiding boredom, complacency and routine can expand your creativity. Don’t get to relaxed with the same daily routine, you expose  yourself to something new.  Exercising your mind by participating in something out of the ordinary makes the mind stronger and more imaginative. Creativity doesn’t happen in our heads but experience stimulates the mind as our five senses perceive the coming together of our imagination and our social context.