Is Competition in School Helpful or Harmful to the Students – Harmful

Competition in high school is harmful; there must be a LOSER every time.

In today’s world, we must be more conscience of young people’s emotions more than ever. Feeling slighted has been the “excuse” for many of the recent school shootings in the last 5 years.

Schools, no matter what grade they serve, should use encouragement and POSITIVE appreciation of students. Making one group or individual a WINNER and the other a LOSER defeats the purpose of development.

Rewarding students for applying themselves is far better than a competition. There are no losers in a reward system. Students will strive for top rewards. Their self-pride in their accomplishments will help them extend their goals into more challenging aspects. It’s a step by step process that should be started in kindergarten.

Instead of competitions, schools could use a rewards system to promote confidence in students. When a person is confident in themselves, they reach for higher educational goals.

Schools today have a much larger burden on them than they did 30 years ago. Today they must help instill values and morals. School needs to be a safe place. In order to achieve that security, we, as a nation, need to start treating people of all ages more positively. We need to avoid negativity, it festers violence.

In this society we have had to learn how to control stereotyping. We must develop a plan to control emotional responses as well. Tell a child how smart he is and watch him glow. Tell him he is stupid, he feels like a misfit and it turns to anger and thoughts of revenge.

Parents and families need to get on the band wagon with this concept. It is not up to our schools to take total responsibility. Our nation must start educating teachers on the psychological make up they need to present in the class atmosphere.

With this in mind, as we pile on more responsibilities to teachers, we also need to raise their salaries.

The blame for today’s violence in schools is not the parents, it’s the economy. When Mom used to be able to stay home and be a mother full time, we did not have kids bringing guns to school, we did not have security guards and metal detectors at school. The only time you saw a police officer in a school was on career day.

This nation needs to get control of the economy and bring back the old school.