Is it appropriate for President Obama to Give a Nationally Televised Speech to School Children – Yes

There has been much ado concerning the nationally televised speech President Obama intends to give our school-aged children. Parents are rightfully concerned with their lack of presence for this speech, as well as what message the President plans to send our children. A transcript of the speech is available on the White House website and the speech can be viewed live there as well.

When news of this plan first came to me, I too had my reservations. My biggest concern was my lack of presence. I have, however, read the transcript of the speech, and I see nothing wrong with it. The speech is available for parents to read ahead of time. It is appropriate and can be viewed live as well. Isn’t it about time our children had the opportunity to be addressed by the President of our great country?

Some say he is telling our children they should do well in school for their country. After reading the speech myself, I can honestly say, I disagree. Certainly, he makes the point that our children will someday be making choices and changes for our country. He also points out that their education will play a big role in the development of our country. How is that wrong? He does make a point of telling our children that they should do well in school also for themselves. I ask you, what role do our children play in the future of America? Will they not someday make the decisions we make today? Will they not vote for a President, determine new laws and find cures for diseases that have no cure today? Does our future not rely on these children?

I think the fact is, we fear what we do not know. Rarely does a politician take initiative to address our children directly, and parents must be attuned to every message our children receive in order to keep them from harm. However, there is something to be said for patriotism. There is something powerful in knowing who your President is – to supporting him. Like it or not, he is our President and now more than ever, we need to be a nation united rather than divided. Our children will in fact, be running this country someday. Their level of education will play a crucial role in the future of our country.

The message President Obama intends to send our children is a good one. Their education does not only affect them. It affects the future of this country, our children’s children, and ourselves. Our nation cannot survive as a country united if we teach our children that their actions – at least educationally – only affect them. The argument that the speech is inappropriate is a flawed one. As President of The United States, he not only has the right, but the responsibility to address our youth. Furthermore, “Look out for number one” is a flawed code of ethics and our country cannot survive without thinking about how our actions will affect others.

So I conclude that the speech the President will be giving our children is completely appropriate. It is also appropriate for him to address our children. They are the future of our country and a vital part of this country. The deserve to hear from their President.