Lesson Plan Problems

Lesson plans are vital to the well organised and dedicated teacher. He/She plans lessons with learners and sets out a well organised and informative lesson.  The lesson plan will highlight the most important points and teachers will not forget to mention any useful information to learners. Teachers can always refer back to lesson plans if they forget any information while delivering a lesson to learners or if they get distracted.

Teachers who do lesson plans will be able to deliver well structured lessons  and prepare informative worksheets and notes which learners can use for revision purposes. Lesson plans will benefit teachers as they can always refer back to the lesson plan in their books when preparing a test or exam and that is proof that the lesson was delivered.  Learners also benefit as they receive a well structured and informative lesson from the teacher.

Head of departments, principals and inspectors of schools will check up on teachers from time to time and teachers who prepare their lesson plans have proof that they are doing their job to their full capabilities. When senior educators look at lesson plans of an individual teacher it gives them an idea of what is being taught in the classroom, if the curriculum is being followed and what the educator is lacking in delivering his/her lessons.  Senior teachers can then put the educator on the right track in terms of delivering lessons so that he/she is on line with the current curriculum as it is something that is changing all the time.

Teachers who do lesson plans are more organised than their colleagues who do not. They can keep a record of the lesson that was delivered and monitor their time on the important facts. This eliminates any time wasted on unimportant facts or the educator swaying from the lesson and discussing other things with his/her lessons. Every minute should be carefully documented , and in this way the educator should finish the syllabus early with the learners and have enough time to do revision.  This guarantees that most learners who have attended class and paid attention to the lesson will pass and some will even gain distinctions in the coming examinations.

Teachers who prepare lesson plans do not rush lessons and confuse their learners as they have planned out all their lessons in advance. It is the lazy and disorganised educators who want to rush lessons and teach for the sake of it. A good educator will sit the night before and plan out what he wants to deliver to his learners the nest day, carefully taking time to explain complex and difficult information. He/She will also show learners steps and methods on solving complex problems.

It is very beneficial to both teachers and learners if the eduator plans out his/her lessons. It gives focus, direction and a good all round lesson for learners so that they get the maximum out of the lesson.