Lessons that can be Learned from Failure

As humans, we often feel that failure shapes our whole lives, and that we will never recover from it.  When making these assumptions, you are always incorrect.  There are so many things you can learn from failing, some people even have the ability to turn them into accomplishments.  Here are a few things that can easily be learned from failure.

Try Again

Almost everybody has been told at some point in life that “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.  This statement is completely true.  When you fail or “don’t succeed”, you may feel like the task you are trying to complete is impossible.  This is not correct!  If children didn’t try again after the first time they fell off their bikes, there wouldn’t be many cyclists, would there?  Point is, nobody can accomplish everything the first time around.

Failure is A Good Thing

Yes, it is true, sometimes failure is actually good for you.  So, for example, you went to a job interview for a job that you weren’t quite sure about, but you needed the money.  When you realize you didn’t get the gig, you feel as if you failed.  Lets imagine that a few months later, you decide to go for a new job interview.  This job is filled with perks and they will recognize you as an educated employee.  Wouldn’t you be glad that you didn’t get the first job?


If you “fail” in someone  else’s mind, you probably aren’t feeling very self confident.  What you eventually learn from this is that you should decide what you consider a failure and what you learn from it.  Say that you get broken up with for another man or woman.  You feel like you have failed your partner, and yourself.  You would soon learn that despite the fact that your partner is gone, you still have to continue living your life, independently.

Throughout your life, you will be faced with both  failures and accomplishments.  It is important that you embrace both with equality.  You must learn from each of them, and accept them, no matter how hard it may be.  When you fail, it is easy to feel like everything is going wrong.  Just know that in the end nobody loses, everyone wins at some point in time.