Low Performing Schools does Encouraging Parents Play Active Role Childrens – No

Educating our children, should be a shared responsibility by both parents and teachers. The most important factor is providing a good education for our children. If a parent is involved in their child’s educational process,the end result is that the child benefits from the parents involvement. The teacher is not off the hook and still has accountability for the academic performance of the child. All parents , should be encouraged to play an active role in their child’s education. 

Low-performing schools are rampant in urban communities and low-income areas. Many of us fear that our educational system is failing our children in astounding numbers. What can parents do about this sad state of affairs? Involvement, in our children’s education is our biggest weapon against neglect and abuse of our children in these low-performing schools. Surprisingly, Washington D.C., our nation’s capitol has many of these so called low-performance schools. 

A parent’s responsibility is to enhance the educational process,especially at these low-performing schools. There must exist a cohesiveness in our children’s primary education. This role of the parent, might just be to police our school system to assure that the curriculum and methods of teaching  produces the desired end result. In this case, the end result does justify the means. So, parents, attend those school board meetings  and visit your child’s classroom frequently. Take an active role in the future of your child.

A written contract,outlining the curriculum and syllabus of the school year should be confirmed and adhered to by both parents and teacher. This procedure, instills accountability for all that are concerned about the education of our children. “it really does take a village”, and no child should ever be left behind in this educational process.

The only person off the hook  or benefiting from the parent’s involvement is the child. Don’t we want this educational system to benefit our children? Our nation must produce educated children, that can support themselves and compete in the global market place. Our future generation depends on it. 

Some parents may feel overworked and taxed beyond measure. Alas, raising children is a huge responsibility. Parents owe their children a fair chance to survive and succeed. Children are our greatest investment. Shouldn’t we pay close attention to all of our investments? It doesn’t matter who gets the credit for the success of the children. Because, in the end, the success of the children is all that matters.