Natural Born Teachers

You’ve seen them on the playground-those children who seem to have a knack for helping others, showing others how to complete a task or showing a new student around. While some feel that teaching is a profession that can only be taught, observation will tell you that there are some who are born teachers. 

Some people seem to have a knack for teaching others, both inside and outside of the classroom. They have the ability to make confusing things clear, difficult things easier. As a whole, they tend to have a large set of skills and methods that excite others to learn new things and help them master them. What is it the makes a person a born teacher?

A sense of curiosity

Born teachers are curious about the world about them. They are full of ‘what if?’ questions. They have a desire to know and to involve others in the discovery. They love to learn for the sake of learning and the excitement they create makes the others want to join them. 

A lot of patience

Teachers deal with a diverse group of children with a plethora of learning abilities and difficulties. Children are known for pushing the limits as well as each other. Those who are naturally patient deal with situations without getting their feathers ruffled. They are also excellent multi-taskers, a needed skill for any teacher.


While differentiated learning is new to many teachers, born teachers have the ability to teach children by meeting the needs of each child without being told how to do it. For years, they have been doing projects, presenting ideas in a multitude of methods, stretching students through unique presentations and guiding kids to find information on their own. Today, teachers spend hundreds of dollars to learn what the born teacher has been doing on their own.

Friendly and out-going

Some kids just love to have a lot of friends. As they become adults, they are adept at dealing with many different kinds of people. They love having groups around them now, which is a very handy skill to have in a classroom with thirty children. It also helps them get along with parents and teaching partners. 

Sense of fun

Individuals that know how to make almost anything fun fit well into the classroom environment. Instead of studying the Revolutionary War, they re-enact the war. As history passes, they ‘take’ their kids out on the Oregon Trail. Hand’s-on activities keep students engaged. Project-based learning is just common sense to them. They are also known to share a joke or two with their students.

While anyone can be taught the skills necessary to teach, there will always be those who sparkle and shine on the first day of school until the last. These are those who are the born teachers!