Personal Philosophies of Education

As time moves forward, one has to move with it or become stagnant; therefore, my philosophy of education has altered as I have grown in knowledge and understanding of children and how they learn, but the base of that philosophy has not changed because children have not changed. They still have to go through the same stages that human beings have gone through since time began. Yes, learning styles are important and do determine ones preferred manner of learning, but the stages of growth and desires of the heart as far as learning have not changed over much through the years.

Education is for the whole child; mind, body, and soul-that part of the person which reaches out for warmth, hope, understanding, kindness, and trust. An educator has an obligation to the child to provide a “safe, secure” place where he or she can learn, feel, and grow without being oppressed or mistreated; where he or she can expand the minuscule world into which he or she was born; where a person is valued simply because one is a human being.

Never, should an educator care more for information, books, processes, materials, etc. than for the individual child. Never, should one substitute cold reason and analysis for love and caring because if the nurturing and cherishing is sincerely exhibited to the students, they will learn to reason, analyze, and care for and respect others. Then and only then, will we be able to prepare our students for the society in which we live and move and in which they must be able to function and become an integral part.

Though perfection always eludes us as educators and human beings, we have the privilege of striving for it while working with our “hope for tomorrow”, our youth of today. These children have aspirations and dreams which we must not quench in the process of teaching them how to learn and how to cope with the world in which they must make their way.

Somewhere along the line in school, many children lose their joy of learning and become deaf to our pleas to achieve at the level to which they are capable. We must find the key to this loss and unlock the treasure, their joy of leaning, and return it to them. a big pare of education hinges on the the possibility that we can rekindle ones love and joy of learning if we continue to search for the key.