Privatization of education

Privatized education was once normal in American society. Public federally funded education is a relatively new and failing experiment. Moreover, such federal involvement is unconstitutional; therefore efforts to disentangle education from the federal government need to be effectuated.

The Constitution 

The Constitution does not give the government power over education. Moreover the Bill of Rights reaffirms the powers of the states and the limits of the federal government. The Bill of Rights clearly states that anything not mentioned within them is by default a function of the states/people and not of the federal government. Education falls into this category.

The federal government had no involvement in education for centuries until the desegregation laws needed enforcing. The government only stepped in temporarily to see that the educational facilities of the country adhered to the new laws. Then when the Russians launched Sputnik the government used the space race as an excuse to begin to fund education to increase our mathematics and sciences to catch up with Russia. However, the little known truth is that an American scientist had built a space-worthy craft like Sputnik previously and was not given permission to do a test launch. Moreover, the scholastic aptitude tests showed conclusively a huge drop in achievement following the federal involvement. Then the federal government got more involved ending prayer in school as well as biblical instruction.

The problem 

Today our nation is riddled with educational disaster where American students are academically well behind their foreign peers across the board. The government’s only solution has been to throw more money into the public schools to no avail.

The age old adage asks why one should fix what isn’t broken? Education was proceeding well in this nation before the federal involvement. Now it is veritably in shambles. It would be most logical to return to liaise-fare education in the hands of the people and most specifically the parents. Expecting the government to set standards of education presumes the parents are not capable of seeing to it that their children are properly educated. It also allows the government free reign to shape the minds of the nation in accordance with its political philosophy and world view. A nation that prides itself on freedom of speech to contribute to a market place of ideas should support freedom of education according to parental choice.

Private schools 

However, the American government has not usurped the rights of the parents to choose to enroll their children in a private school of a secular or parochial nature. Moreover, parents are still free to home school their own children as they choose. However, home schooling has been under legal attack for quite some time depending on where one resides. It is also under continual media assault.

The solution 

It is quite possible for education to be returned fully to the private sector. Benefactors, churches, big business owners, companies, non-profit organizations, and private citizens, can all contribute to the educational institutions in their region to provide good affordable education for the community. Perhaps it ought not to be completely free for everyone for good things ought to cost and having parents pay a nominal rate for their children to have a good solid education is admirable. However, those who cannot afford this should have other options made available to them to help elevate those in poverty to become productive members of society. It is beneficial for business owners to support education for they are continually in need of able employees.

Such a change in the national state of education will take a good deal of work and community participation. But it can be done. First a community ought to take the reigns and show how this can work. Test the children against the national average to see if they are indeed showing signs of increased learning. Build up this concept in that community and show the change in the community at large by having children eager to learn and well educated. Show how it works for the minorities, and impoverished, without catering to the wealthy. Show how the community is working together without federal support to create this educational achievement. Then work up a plan to teach other communities how to facilitate it. It can spread across the country one town or city at a time.

Eventually the public schools won’t have hardly any students and the government can allocate that money into national defense or paying off the national debt. Then they can decrease the amount of taxation so that citizens aren’t being taxed to fund the Department of Education and public schools which are no longer needed thanks to the good citizens of America taking back an institution belonging to the people.