Public Schools are Destroying the Moral Fiber of our Nations Young – No

It is very sad what has become of this country. People these days are given a fraction of the education received by those who came only a generation before. The State demands (at the barrel of a gun) that parents put their kids in some miserable prison structure to be “educated” by some complete stranger.

What has this psychotic behavior produced for the future? Well, after spending a quarter million dollars and 12 years time on each student the results can be mixed. Overall kids are coming out of high school barely knowing how to read or perform basic math equations. As a result of this utter failure, the US must now import many of its top scientists.

The scary part of all this is how ignorant of morality and ethics young people are. “Natural Law” is the universally accepted set of rules that governs us all. These are the offenses that people inherently recognize as unjust or unnatural. Assault, robbery, murder, and fraud are the most obvious but others exist too.

How can a natural understanding of right and wrong be destroyed by the schools? Through the use of conditional morality. Not only is the moral code subject to circumstance but also to the personalities committing the offense.

At the tender age of 5 our kids are introduced to the double standard that is the State. Kidnapping five year olds and then holding them in captivity for 12 years is well understood to be illegal and wrong. Unless the kidnapper is an agent of the State. Taking property that belongs to someone else through threats and acts of violence is an obvious wrong that deserves just remedy. The state however, refers to this lawlessness as patriotism and charity.

Murder is perhaps the most inhuman and unnatural, social malfunction humans are capable of. Of all the reasons to commit murder people tend to make a distinction between the killers motives and the context in which the crime took place. Greed and racism are equally despicable as reasons for one human to end the life of another. Yet “US interests” in the resources of poorer and helpless peoples, takes our young lives to war. When that card fails to lock the game we are inundated with racism and nationalistic flag waving. Using religion and the name of God to sell their opportunistic slaughter for ill gotten swag.

Do you believe that “the ends justify the means”? In order to defeat evil, one must become evil? Do you consider morality to be a dated concept, born out of Hellfire and damnation type preachers? Maybe the better question would be; Do your kids believe these things? If so, where do you suspect might be the source of such shallow and base character traits.

Some consider morality to be flexible and subjective. Perhaps some take their moral cues from those they interact with. Behaving in a manner that is unsure and never acting or reacting out of genuine conviction. These folks lack substance and are usually driven by material and superficial desires. Self reflection becomes to painful and depressing to bother with.

What is gained from evaluating one’s own moral code? Is self examination just ridiculous behavior for the prudish bible thumpers?

I am not religious, prudish, or in any way flawless. I’m rude, inconsiderate, greedy, and many other things from time to time. Self examination allows me to recognize characteristics that are destructive, unproductive, or harmful to those people that I care for. The belief in justice, fairness, and a desire to live an honorable life come from my moral code. It is impossible to develop any kind of worthwhile character without the grit, willpower, and resolve that comes from the pursuit of integrity.

It’s time to ask ourselves if a society void of morality is a society worth cultivating or sustaining. It has been said that one must stand for something or they will fall for anything. The evidence is all around us and the cause is simple. Children need the empathy, understanding, honesty, and well intentioned lessons on what to avoid that comes from the only stakeholder that nature recognizes. Parents, family, and friends. Leave the state to its war and theft. Unless you want kids to learn right and wrong through the fog of rationalization and self service.

Remember, monkey see… monkey do.