Reasons why Phys Ed Classes are Important for Children

Today’s society is technologically driven, with the Internet being the impetus for a more sedentary lifestyle than enjoyed by our predecessors. Television, computers, smartphones, and social media websites such as Facebook have all contributed to a more inactive mode of living, which may prove unhealthy and could potentially lead to health issues.

Daily physical exercise is necessary for adults and children alike. It is hard to find the time to exercise once you are a working parent, but it is imperative to establish a routine where you can enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Children should not have such difficulty finding time, since physical education should be part of their daily class. Physical education classes should be mandatory. Children need to learn the importance of taking care of their bodies while they are young, so that they may form successful habits that will carry on later in life.

Learn new things

Physical education classes can teach children new things, such as a new sport that they have yet learned. Each sport requires a different set of skills and knowledge, as well as different muscle groups, endurance, and stamina. The more exposure that children have to different activities, the more likely they are to find something that interests them and encourages them to join sports teams and continue exercising on a regular basis.

Future preparation

Children can benefit from daily physical education classes because they learn not only the physical aspects, but they are also exposed to the health portion of the class. Health teaches children about their bodies, and how to maintain them to the best of their ability. Nutritional advice is necessary, as many children are unaware of the reasons for following the food guide. Healthier eating can improve a child’s ability to get through the day on task and with a determined focus.

Consistent activity

The more often that you are active, the more likely it is to become a habitual routine. Daily physical education classes should be embraced. The more fit that you become, the more likely you are to have an increase in your energy level, thus enabling you to remain alert and focused while at school, improving your performance.

Physical, social, mental/emotional, spiritual health

A healthy, active lifestyle is encouraged through regular daily physical education classes. The benefits are both short-term and long-term. Daily physical education classes can help to increase your energy levels, help you focus on your studying, make healthier choices in regards to nutrition, boost your confidence and self-image, allow you to try new things, meet new people, and have an overall healthier body image.

Physical health can help you to stave off disease, more readily recover from illness or injury, and make it through the day without fatigue setting in and stealing your concentration.

Social health allows you to develop new social networks, understand your own body and its remarkable capacity to perform, connect with other students, and figure out how to remain positive when life throws some unpredictable nastiness your way. Children are exposed to many new children when they become involved in extracurricular activities.

Mental/emotional health

Daily physical education classes can help children to develop a strong sense of mental health. This can help them to deal with the changes that their bodies are undergoing, and deal with the stress and anxiety associated with maturing. Strong mental health can help to keep things like depression from becoming a problem. Your mental health has a strong influence on your decision making ability.

Spiritual health

Children need a daily physical education class to help them develop a strong sense of spiritual health. This does not necessarily encompass religious spirituality, as it merely offers you a way of expressing your thoughts and opinions in a healthy manner. Understanding others and developing compassion can help you to navigate through the world with a positive attitude.

A healthy active lifestyle is part of daily physical education classes. While the educational classes first expose you to the daily physical activity, continuing with them as you age is of utmost importance to your overall health and well-being.

Literacy skills are taught daily in hopes that the concepts will be reinforced for later years, and physical education should follow the same principle. This is why children should have a daily physical education class.