Reasons why Reading is Important

Reading provides an opportunity for people of all ages to enter a new and exciting world.  A reader can transcend boundaries and defy logic. Reading allows for the suspension of belief or disbelief, and gives you a chance to travel to faraway and exotic lands, or to do something you have always wanted to do, living vicariously through the characters in the novel.

The importance of reading begins in early childhood, when parents first introduce you to the written word. The routine of bedtime stories, which provides the soothing relaxation needed before the anxiety associated with lights out and doors shut, commences the love of reading. Children cherish hearing stories from their parents.

The bond that is developed through reading is one that can be carried throughout life. The quality time associated with reading together helps to cultivate the relationship between parent and child. This is an extremely important habit for parents to engage in with their children.

Learning how to read is beneficial at all stages of growth and development. Once children begin to branch out and read on their own, they take ownership over it, and then strive to master the skill. Children begin to enhance their communication and literacy skills, which will assist them greatly as they continue along their academic odyssey.

The importance of reading impacts these communication skills, which they will foster and hone through the schooling process, and then further develop in the workplace. The ability to communicate through the written word or through verbalization stems from reading.

Reading helps children to expand their horizons, build their creativity and imagination, and find morals and ethics along the way, as these are typically presented in one form or another. Reading makes the world around us seem limitless and spectacular. People that are stuck in a quagmire of mundane may find that reading provides them an ounce of excitement that they are lacking in their life.

When you are engaged in a story, you are able to escape your life and dwell inside of the character that you identify with best. Many people use reading to take a break from their own life, doffing the shackles that limit their own potential.

Another key aspect of reading is the building of vocabulary. In today’s Internet driven society, the ability to read and write is becoming somewhat obsolete. Computers are doing the bulk of thinking, spelling, and grammatical work on behalf of the general population. Those people that actively read on a regular basis are continually building upon their vocabulary, keeping their communicative skills sharp.

Children that read often are exposed to many new words, and with the guidance of parents and teachers, can begin to implement these words into their regular vernacular. They will also notice an increase in their ability to write, which will also behoove them with their assignments and thesis papers as they continue with their education.

Reading is important for so many reasons, and each individual person may get something different out of the exercise. The key is to read often, and to read new things. Regular readers gain an appreciation of things from different perspectives. The more that you read, the more you know.