School Uniforms

The case for wearing uniforms is much greater than for not doing so.
Aside from all we know, such as to what many writers have complained about, they seem to forget the real reasons for the importance for wearing them.

All agree that school is an institution for learning. That said, what institution “doesn’t” make wearing a uniform mandatory? Even classy restaurants, diners, sports, police, soldiers, scouts, and the list goes on, all requiring uniforms. Imagine going to a super bowl, and the players want to stand out by wearing what they want, or soldiers in combat wearing street clothes etc.

School is for learning, and discipline, not making a fashion statement. Uniforms relieve many of the problems those less fortunate when it comes to being able to buy designer clothes. If students want to stand out in the crowd, do it by getting better grades, or sports activities.

School is only one part of a young persons life, and should be utilized for all it has to offer. Not a place where each of its students are individuals, but as a collective body for learning. Much of today’s fashion for kids looks deplorable to all but the children who wear them.

Drive by a private school, and all the children look respectable and content, as they wear the uniform of their school.
Drive by a public school, and all you see is a variety of one bad set of looking clothes after another. There is plenty of opportunity to show individuality after a school day. They have the malls, they have dances, they have sporting activities, and the list goes on for wearing whatever it is that sets them apart from the rest.

But in the classroom, order is the keyword, so that students use their energy to learn rather than being under pressure to look different than the next.
Segregation of the sexes are another interesting topic that can provide better learning by less distractions. But that’s another uphill thought all together.

The important thing here is to eliminate distractions, pressure, and financial stress for the parents who simply cannot afford to keep up with designer fashions for children. Those parents who can afford such luxuries, may not agree to school uniforms, but that’s too bad.

They are not thinking of the overall welfare of the children whose parents are often struggling just to make ends meet. The benefits of school uniforms, far out weigh individual dress, that quite often causes children of poor parents to endure being singled out by their less expensive clothes, and thereby subject to ridicule, bullying, or just plain embarrassment.

Children need to be free to study, and have equal opportunities to mix with other students, instead of trying to fit in. They don’t need the pressure that goes with trying to be fashionable instead of trying for better grades.