Should parents be free to choose their child’s school?

Giving one’s child the chance to attend one of the best schools where they can get the best of education is a vital factor in a child’s development. It has to done with utmost care by parents to see to that they are going and earning some way or the other and fulfilling their dreams and to see their children well placed in future.

it is the duty and the moral obligation of parents to be responsible in building up the future of their children. Then why to have a family without being responsible ?

Nobody is going to help anyone these days because the cost of living has climbed to the pinnacle of its expenses and height. So, if a parent has to choose where they have to send their child for education it involves quite a lot of money. In order to overcome this task parents should be in a position to earn properly inorder to send their children to good schools where they are exposed to high education standards which enables them to emerge as great victors in life and cope up with the rising standard of life and live a peaceful and happy life.

Eduacation is a must to thrive in this world. To enjoy one’s life you need to have a good job at hand and to capture a fantastic job one has to study nicely and a child from his kindergarten days needs to get the attention of good tutors and superb teaching techniques and standardised classes to come up in life.

If the parents are not having adequate finance then it will be a problem for them to give their children the best of education available and send them to schools whewre they will receive good standard levels of erudition and education.

Every parent feels and like to give their children the best of education regardless of the income and they can choose where to send their offsrings and to which school , but when taking in to account these matters and liberites one should be in a postion to maintain the expenses and the heavy fees these institutions are charging on the parents becuase all these organisations has become professional business minded institutions.

This is where the real disease is and there is no panacea other than to run parallel with their requirements if you wish to give your children the best of education and emerge as toppers in this highly competitive world.

So. parents do have the right to choose what they desire and wish, but the real problem is that they need to accumulat money to fulfill the basic needs like the payments of high monthly school fees, purchasing the books needed, uniforms, shoes, tuition fees to be paid if needed , trnasportation charges for school buses or whatever mode of conveyance one chooses etc, etc.

All these basic requisites involves a hell lot of money an da perent cannot simply sit and tell and bask without having a stipulated and permanent income or job to meet these expenses which are necessary to bring up your child in a wonderful way and to exploit the curriculum capacities to the topmost level where your child will emerge as the best and becoam an example of many children.

So, it is not the thing that a parent cannot choose where to send their children or to which school they have to send them for educating them that concerns but it is the amount of expenses a parent has to meet every month to bring up their children to the desired level of life to stand in their own feet and live and lead a happy life.

As everyone knows there is no place and no respect on earth if you are an illiterate or if you are not educated in a nice way to compete with others in this highly competitive world where most of them are becoming highly qualified in order to cope up with the present day of life