Teacher and Student Relationships

There has been much discussion recently about relationships between teachers and students in news events.  Relationships between teachers and students need to exist but they need to exist on a professional basis.  This distinction is an important one.  Communication between students and teachers must take place for two reasons.  One is for the teacher to understand the needs of each individual student and the other is for the student to understand the concept being taught for the subject.  In these economic times with the system of education we have in place generates the need for teachers to develop the right kind of connection with their students.    

The teaching profession is an honorable one which should not be regarded in the light presented in the news media.  The education of the leaders of tomorrow requires that teachers develop a sense of what each student requires in learning various subjects.  It is understood that we as individuals have different capacities to learn and the leaders of tomorrow are no different.  Our education system is one of the best if not the best in the world. 

Those who teach provide a great service to our country and each of the teachers should be proud of their contributions to our country’s future.  The relationship a teacher needs to create is one of interaction between each student to understand them as an individual, not a number.  There are all kinds of statistics associated with our educational system involving the teaching profession and school systems in general.  Often we criticize school administration in an attempt to point blame for failures of some school districts, this is the wrong approach to improving our educational system.

We often hear statements made that the intention is not to point blame but to resolve the issues identified.  The same is true of our schools.  Many schools face problems not only on a financial basis but on their capability to communicate with sometimes challenged individuals and their capacity to learn.  Each student is an important element of our school system and no student is more important than another.  We are all individuals with different needs and our school system needs to adapt to those needs.  Schools sometimes fail in this capacity but the approach should not be one of criticizing school staff but to define the reasons for the failure.  It is about identifying the root cause of bad results and taking action to correct them.

Addressing issues within school districts to improve results of their educational efforts should not be to teach students to prepare for tests for which the success of the school will be measured.  While it is important for schools should have some measurement the results should not be used against the overall purpose of a school to educate.  Statistics need to examine how each student has improved in relation to their capacity to learn.  Success should not be determined by the nature of tests results such as the ones used today but the success of each individual student in the subjects they are being taught.