Teacher Qualifications Effective Communication for Teachers Teacher Licensing Requirements

Teacher Qualifications, Expectations, and Skills

Teachers are highly intelligent people with an ability to impart knowledge and understanding to their students. Most teachers have defined personal characteristics in common. Among these are compassion, hope, and understanding. They are often driven to make the world a better place, and have high expectations of being able to help students advance, regardless of the obstacles they face.

State and federal law mandates that teachers undergo specified training to work in the classroom. Having a high I. Q. and friendly personality are admirable qualities, but they do not give people a license to teach. They may be the reason a person wants to teach, but they do not substitute required qualifications.

General Qualifications for Teachers

Most states mandate that teachers hold a bachelor’s degree from an academic college. Upon receiving this degree, teachers usually perform a fifth year of in service training, under the supervision of a state certified teacher and principal.

Teachers must take and pass state certified tests for their field of specialty. They also must avail themselves to medical and background checks, per individual state requirements. These include receiving updated vaccinations, being cleared of TB, as well as fingerprint checks against the federal database.

Upon receiving their license, teachers must adhere to the governing rules of their respective state. They are often required to participate in Professional Development studies in order to keep their certification up to date. Professional Development includes continuing education courses and in service training workshops. It may even mandate CPR training depending on their field of expertise.

Teacher Expectations

Teachers are expected to plan and implement daily learning activities with specific goals in mind. Before they ever begin instructing in the classroom, they determine goals and guidelines to achieve success with their students. They take into account many instructional strategies that will help their students advance throughout the course of study.

Some of the methods teachers use to impart knowledge are direct and indirect teaching, student interaction and experimentation, and independent study. By combining these methods throughout the year, students of varying learning styles will be able to grasp the concepts required to pass their courses.

Teachers are required to gauge the learning of their students. They will assign work, explain tasks, and calculate understanding by correcting assignments. Many teachers promote personal skills like public speaking. They may assign research projects in conjunction with oral presentations of learned material.

Effective Communication Skills

Teachers must have the ability to communicate effectively. Students deserve to be taught required information in a timely manner. Teachers should be able to recognize students with learning difficulties, and when necessary, communicate this to parents and appropriate staff members.

It is also important for teachers to be able to listen and comprehend well. In order for teachers to share their knowledge with others, they must be able to fully understand all the ways to present the desired material. This can only be done through effective communication and comprehension.

Teachers should be prepared to share the progress of their students with parents, expressing concerns, and praising success. It is important for parents and teachers to work together, advocating the success of students. This joint effort helps students remain focused and challenged throughout the course of their studies.

The definition of a teacher is a person who chooses to work in the field of education. It is also a person, anyone, who is qualified to impart knowledge to others, helping them advance in a specified field of expertise. By this definition, we can conclude that many people, throughout the course of history, have rightfully been declared teachers.