Teachers are they Born or Made

Becoming and being a teacher (going to college and graduating with a teaching certificate or self tutoring oneself to become a teacher) is a profession which demands constant concentration and the pursuit of perfection.

A good teacher will not free-wheel on his certificates and current competence, but will always seek to improve, be informed and cultivate diverse but effective ways of teaching students to help them understand everything as much as possible.

Good teachers are born teachers. Born teachers are people who grew up in intellectually stimulating environments. As growing children, born teachers exhibited the fabled curios mind of childhood. They asked dad and mom difficult questions. Like how babies are made and why the sun always rises from the west. They sought to know and were interested in knowing.

Growing up as adolescents, they probably frequented the library in town and read as many books as they could, both fiction and non-fiction. And through such reading streaks, they were consciously and unconsciously imbibing words, phrases and sentences; widening their naturally curios minds and cultivating an imaginative prowess through fiction reading.

Fast forward into teenage years or young adulthood, they felt it within themselves that they were cut out  for teaching or educating others and plunged for a college course in teaching. Graduated, they’re qualified as teachers and inherently (and through personal studies and development) possess the following qualities which all born teachers have in common.

1. They stay informed

Born teachers don’t continually rely on old textbooks and pamphlets to teach their students. They research and stay informed to teach their students current facts. They also go in for workshop and refresher courses to learn new things that can be of help to them in teaching.

2. They make learning fun

Born teachers have a way with words, lessons, and students. They make learning fun by giving imaginative descriptions where possible, creating familiar allusions and tempting students to ask questions which all go to make lessons self explanatory.

3. They closely monitor students

Born teachers are concerned about every student’s academic performance and will go the extra mile to talk one on one with them, where possible. They don’t delay in marking exam scripts and are ever ready to criticize papers to help students improve upon their studies.

All the above qualities go to show that born teachers aren’t necessarily born with a chalk in their hand and a teacher-like brain in their head; they grow up learning and go to every extent to ready themselves for such a special calling, whether they attend a teacher training college or not.