Teens how to Show Respect Admiration for Teachers

Teenagers are usually at a stage in their lives where they do not take life seriously and the teacher can easily be made to become a figure of ridicule. It takes a brave person to stand in front of a classroom full of rowdy teenagers, not only get their attention, but also to make them understand difficult subjects.

The irony is that the teacher who is standing in front of them trying to teach them new things isn’t the one who needs to be educated. In fact he or she is only trying to make the teens achieve their goals and learn new skills so that their lives will be more productive and fulfilled. By being proactive in the classroom and responding to what the teacher expects of them, these learning years can become productive and enjoyable both for the teacher and the students.

Sometimes even if 80% of the class is trying to concentrate there is always that remaining 20% that want to cause a bit of drama and distraction. Teachers have to continue teaching despite distractions and misbehaviour because that is their job and they have to do it to the best of their abilities. This determination and strength has to be admired and respected. They have a duty to do and and to help them achieve this, a group decision should be taken by students to stand firm against disruptions in the classroom. When the majority of the class is supporting the teacher, the rest will have no choice but to join in too.

In addition, the school results have to be good enough to maintain the standard of the school or the teachers and their teaching methods will be criticised. They also have to make sure that the syllabus required in the school curriculum is completed in the academic year so that the students have the required information to sit for their examinations. To fulfil this duty in the best possible way students need to provide an environment for the teachers in which they feel both relaxed and comfortable enough to teach to the best of their abilities. Handing assignments on time, making sure that everything being taught is being understood and using the teacher’s help whenever required will benefit everyone.

Teachers have a responsibility for each individual student they teach as these individuals will enter society as working men and women at a later stage in their lives. Parents look to teachers to make sure their children receive adequate education and they look for feedback from them to find out how their teen is faring at school. Behavioural problems need to be tackled and the teacher has to be both a teacher and a counsellor sometimes to resolve problems that might crop up during the school years.

If teenagers look at the huge responsibility teachers have on their shoulders, there is no reason why they should not respect and admire them for the job that they do. Giving praise to their teachers, giving them thank you cards, a gift or flowers at the end of the academic year will be tokens of appreciation that will make a huge difference to the teachers who have spent so much time and effort to impart of their knowledge. Teachers who teach well and with love and understanding and give individual attention to all their students without favouritism will earn the love and respect of any student. They will be remembered not just in the student years but throughout the person’s life.