The benefits of reading

Reading is an important skill which improves the lives and knowledge of all those whom participate. The single greatest importance of reading is the ability to understand knowledge. With the ability to understand knowledge, the goals of life become open to all who understand what is required from them.

From an early age, it is important to begin reading. As the mind continues to grow through regular exercise, people begin to understand the world around them. As this capacity for knowledge grows, people are more readily able to discover and understand the world around them.

For thousands of years, reading was only taught to those who were privileged. One of the major reasons why so many ancient societies were built upon monarchies, dictatorships and caste systems was through a lack of reading on the basic level. Those who were not able to read could not participate in many of the activities which helped to govern the country.

As society evolved, it became apparent that reading is a fundamental right for every man, woman and child. It is through education on the mass scale that a society can truly benefit. With each additional person learning how to read, they were able to give back through the arts, sciences, business and social interaction.

Reading is much more important than many may understand. As humans were divided between language barriers and entire continents, the only way to spread knowledge between two cultures was either through retelling the information or writing. Because of the finite amount of time we humans have, it became apparent it was important to compile our knowledge into text.

As the need for archiving information grew, the importance of reading became apparent. Texts became available for all those who chose to partake in them, and major libraries became the staple of many civilizations. Most of our history is learned through text passed down through generations; even long-lost articles have been unearthed to aid our discovery of the past.

The information age has seen a dramatic rise in literacy across the globe. Those which did not previously have access to a wide variety of reading material have found an infinite wealth of information online. Even at this moment, information is transferred between this article and yourself.

In all, reading is important to absorb information through text. Text will always be a part of our existence well past the point where audio and visuals become the mainstream. It is through text that we humans continue to expand our consciousness and knowledge – it is important to always stay sharp and read.