The Effects of a Competitive Academic Environment

There are many experts that believe academic competitiveness is helpful to students, but the have no idea. Trying to make people competitive is like turning them into savages. Working in an competitive environment is stressful, creates less trust in peers, and it makes it harder to achieve goals students set out for them selves. Having a competitive academic life style stresses out everyone participating in it. When you have to compete against your peers you work and work trying to not only catch up with them, but do better than them. It makes life less relaxing, and over all will effect the performance of the student in the long run. Stress causes lack of sleep, eating problems, stomach aches, and people to not think clearly. If working in a stressful environment is unhealthy, then working in an environment that causes stress, is just like working in an stressful environment. In the end it is not only unsafe for the students, but also for their performance in the academic field. If all these students are stressing out to do better than their peers. That will have them start doing things to lessen the other student’s chances. Which makes students loose trust in each other and everyone else. It turns people into disgusting creatures. Back stabbing, lies, competitiveness. That is something the students will bring into their work fields, in their homes, during everyday life. It will create madness in the end. Living in a world of destruction and chaos is absolutely absurd. Living an absurd, stressful lifestyle makes it hard to get anything important done. Having symptoms of stress or dealing with the drama from peers takes up almost all the time a normal person spends during the day. Plus it doesn’t allow students to work as they would if the were in a good condition. But having to always watch their back and their health along with everything else that they have to do to live completely ruins their performance in school and anywhere else as well. A competitive school environment does not help the student to do better, but in every way makes them do worse than they could have in a comfortable one. It does little to no good on them, or the future that schools with a competitive environment are giving them. Just creating nasty, insecure, negative adults to teach the next generation. Because of stress, lack of trust, and a huge decline in performance it is almost impossible to believe that it is even aloud to happen.