The Makings of a well Rounded Student

Success is bound to come easily to a student who is well-rounded. A well rounded student is the pride and joy of his parents, teachers and the school. His distinct qualities set him apart from the rest. He is generally well-liked and respected by all those who come in touch with him. He excels in and outside the classroom. He could well be the envy of many of his classmates, who oft look upon him as their mentor. So, what are the core characteristics which go into the making of a well-rounded student?

Here they are in no particular order:

1. A well-rounded student is generally one who primarily stands out with his strength of character. His focal characteristic is his sense of honesty; it is this concept of absolute integrity and fair play – – – be it in the classroom or on the field, that earns him respect and admiration from his teachers and fellow students. Being well aware of his moral responsibility, he’s genuinely sincere in what he says and does. His credibility is never questioned. He’s trusted implicitly and known to overcome challenges with a calm and cheerful disposition.

2. A well-rounded student has ingrained good manners. He is consistently polite, kind and courteous to all whom he comes in contact with. He is respectful to his teachers, staff members and class mates at all times. He stays focused and unruffled – – -even in the midst of occasional chaos in the classroom. Despite the praise he constantly receives from his teachers, he does not flaunt an air of superiority and remains humble in spite of his achievements.  He makes sure never to speak out of turn in class or throw his weight around. He is empathetic and particularly helpful to his classmates.

3. A well-rounded student is driven by a sense of purpose and dedication to hard work. Nothing seems to deter him from pursuing his multifaceted goals. Being highly motivated, he works diligently with focused attention to fulfill his academic goals. Having imbibed effective time management skills, this brand of student is always punctual in submitting assignments and projects on time. He knows and understands the value of time and uses it to his maximum advantage. He is acutely aware of his responsibilities and plans his day to balance all his academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

4.Outside the classroom, a well rounded student keenly participates in a couple of extra-curricular activities. Although being a high achiever academically, he takes active interest in sports, music, dramatics and debates, and enjoys playing a leading role in the student’s council. He’s compassionate by nature, and readily volunteers in community and social services. He values and makes good use of all the available resources like the library, sports ground, labs and equipment which are at his disposal- – -never taking anything for granted. Moreover,he is ever ready to help out fellow students and always grateful and appreciative for the blessings he receives daily.

5. Another vital characteristic a well rounded student has is his social skills. He enthusiastically shows interest in those whom he meets and communicates effectively in any social setting. Being a good conversationalist, he mixes well and is socially comfortable- – -either on or off campus. He is amicable and gets along well with all those he comes in contact with. He keeps his negative emotions in check and mindful not to be offensive or hurtful either in his speech or behavior, even when aggravated.

 In the final analysis, what makes a well rounded person unique is a balanced blend of many critical characteristics. Such a student is able to carve a special niche for himself- – – both inside the classroom and on the field. It is his sense of commitment to academic excellence coupled with personal responsibility, that helps him to continue climbing the ladder of success.