The Real Culprits – Yes

Are teachers today too “soft” on their students? This is a very valid question, especially in this “information era” where intellect means everything to an advanced society. Our intellect pushes us forward to create things to better our lives as humans. Intellect is the most important thing to us. Without it, people are considered ignorant and stupid and are not deemed worthy to inherit this progressively advancing world. And sadly that what is happening in our nation today. Children are getting more and more stupid. Teenagers are getting more and more ignorant. And in the end, we have a whole generation of ill educated people who do not deserve these wonderful things. So this begs the question, “Are teachers today too soft on their students”? Honestly, it has less to do with the teachers and more with the families of the students. Allow me to explain.

Meet George. He was born in 1732 to a middle-class family. He lost his father when he was eleven and devoted himself to studying even though everyone around him thought he wasn’t that smart. He was able to master geometry, trigonometry, and surveying when he turned sixteen. Mind you that at that time, there were almost no public schools in the Colonies. So that means he most likely learned on his own. What about nowadays? Nowadays, kids at sixteen are finishing basic algebra and just starting to go into more advanced stuff like calculus, which is what George had mastered by that time. Am I making this person up? Not at all. This person’s full name is George Washington, our very first President.

What’s striking about this story is not that George was this smart, but that almost everyone at that time had this degree of intellect. As a matter of fact, the further back in time we go, the more intelligent people were up to the point of the Dark Ages. So why is this the fact? Why is it that back then people were so much better educated than we are now? The reason is not that that they simply knew more than us, because the Heliocentric Theory trounced the Geocentric Theory when Galileo and Copernicus brought facts to the table that just couldn’t be denied. The same goes with the Elements of the universe; that was trounced by the early atom theories. So why is it that it is so hard for children and teens to become educated? I’ve already stated that it isn’t the teacher’s fault. So, who’s is it? Who’s to blame for America’s stupidity? The answer is the parents.

I know what you all must be thinking, “Oh boy, here comes another punk kid trying to tell us that we are all the bad guys”. No, that is not true. I am not saying that all parents are the real issue. I know many people who send their kids to public school, and are very active in the school’s activities, and some of the kids are actually smarter than me. That is not the reason why teachers are soft. They are soft because we have essentially tied their hands behind their backs so that they can’t teach effectively. I know this sounds bombastic, but bear with me on this. Back in the Ancient Eras, schools were a normal thing. The Egyptians had schools, the Greeks had schools, even the war hungry Romans had schools. But what sets them apart from us?


This one thing makes and breaks the difference between a stupid student and a smart one. How so? Let’s think about it. Imagine you were a baby and you wanted to eat the shiny pink dots on the floor. You pick it up, you’re about to plop it in your mouth when mama comes, takes away the pill by force, smacks your hand and says “No, no”. You don’t know why and you wonder why. Then, years later, you find out those pink dots were pills and if you were to take one and eat it, you could die. It was the discipline that saved your life.

What does this have to do with the matter at hand? Well, in the Egyptian schools, if you messed around and caused trouble, you got your butt caned. Same with the Greeks and Romans. If you caused trouble, you got it. Even in the eighteenth century giving a student a lick of wood for goofing off was normal and encouraged as long as it was to maintain order in the class. What do we have now? Detention, which, if we were honest, is simply a timeout. That’s it. All it does is teaches the kid nothing about discipline. It is really a privilege to be sent there nowadays because we skip classes that we hate. It’s a break. Timeouts don’t instill discipline, a swift sting of pain does. It also instills a sense of respect and as a call to reality. “You’re in class kid and you have to learn whether you like it or not.” That is how it was. But now we allow naps in class. That’s fine for toddlers because they run out of gas quicker than a monster truck that only holds a gallon of fuel at a time. But when the kids get older, the naps have to stop. Students who goof around are one of the main reason teachers can’t teach effectively like they did before.

So in the end, who is to culprit? Who is responsible for a child’s discipline? It’s the people who birth them… the parents. So to answer the question, yes, teachers are “soft” with their students; but, it is only because we, as the parents, force them to.