The Responsibilities of Educators Today

These questions of who is to be responsible for children, and when are coming up more and more, especially after tragic events take place in the world. Some educators and school staff feel that their hands are tied by current laws that prevent them from taking action if a concern is raised about a student in their school system. The way the laws are in some states now, if someone, whether it be a concerned student, teacher or another parent, goes to a school staff member and reports that a student may be being abused or neglected at home, or they have had someone else come to them with concerns that a child may be being abused or neglected at home, the school simply says something along the lines of, “Well, legally we can’t get involved, but here is a number for you to call and report it yourself if you are truly concerned about something that may be going on.”

Some people feel that if there is a concern about whether a child is being abused or neglected, that anyone should be able to report the concern and have it looked into even if it is found to be not true. In most cases, it is better to report something that you think may be happening and have it looked into, even if you find out later that what you thought was going on, really was not going on. You did the right thing by having authorities look into it just in case, because it is sad how many of these cases go unnoticed and unreported and an innocent child gets severely hurt if not killed because the concerns were not being reported.

It should not matter what your official title is, or if you have one to begin with. If you see or hear something where a child may be getting hurt, you should be obligated to report it. Society also needs to start doing better in taking these concerns more seriously and not be wasting time on those that really are not of concern.

Some people have been known to put in false reports just to be cruel and vindictive and that is why the system is such a mess today when it comes to Child Welfare cases. If you are reporting a truly serious concern that is one thing, but if you are just putting in a report that is false to get back at someone for one reason or another, those are the families that will pay the consequences for a long period of time because the person placing the complaint or concern did not think about the long term consequences of all parties involved before placing the report.