The use and Importance of Systems of Inquiry in Schools

When considering a system of inquiry that is being used to evaluate the decision-making, problem solving, and behavior that occurs in a business environment it is important to consider why, how, when, and whom will be using these systems of inquiry. Many different situations can occur in any school that causes a need for evaluation of the use of the code of ethics put forth by the school district, and it is important to understand the specific use of this beneficial tool.

A system of inquiry must be used when determining if behavior, problem solving, and decision-making has followed the code of ethics put forth by the Warwick Valley School District. This system is used for a variety of reasons in the school district. It is used to make sure students are living up to their responsibility as part of the school; it is also used to make sure the rights of the students are being observed. A system of inquiry also makes sure that teachers are upholding the ethics of the school. This tool is used to question the actions taken by anyone involved in the school district in regards to the code of ethics.

Many decisions are made in the school district constantly. All of these decisions should reflect the code of ethics set forth by the school district. At these times systems of inquiry may be used in order to make sure standards are being upheld though the correct choice during decision making. It is also appropriate to use this system after decisions are made in order to evaluate their impact. When conflicts arise concerning the code of ethics systems of inquiry are necessary. When faculty or students are being questioned about their ability or past experiences with the codes of ethics systems of inquiry may also be utilized. This system is used by asking questions pertaining to the problem solving, decision making, and behavior of the members of the school district. This occurs through questioning how ethics are applied to situations and scenarios. Systems of inquiry are used when the application of the code of ethics in the school district are being considered.

Systems of inquiry are used to evaluate problem solving, decision-making, and behavior. These tools are used in several ways. When a principal is evaluating the performance of a teacher using this system can come in handy. When a principal, teacher, or other member of the school faculty is making a decision they may use this tool to determine if it is the right thing to do. This tool is used by board members when considering actions to take in response to conflict and budget. During any occurrence where the code of ethics come into play, and the decision making, problem solving, or behavior of a member of the school district comes into question a system of inquiry can be utilized to clarify the appropriateness of the actions taken. Systems of inquiry are used to question how the code of ethics is being applied to the everyday actions and functions in the school district.

Systems of inquiry are tools used to determine is the codes of ethic are being upheld by the members of the school district. This system is used by several different groups of people. Teachers use this system to evaluate the actions of students. Students use systems of inquiries to make sure their rights are being recognized. Principals use systems of inquiry to evaluate the skills and behavior of students, teachers, and all members of faculty. The board of education and members of the school board use this system to determine whether or not the code of ethics are being properly enforced and followed. Parents may also use this tool to determine how their children are being treated and how their children are behaving. Codes of ethics are important, and tools must be used by all members of the school district in order to ensure that ethical standards are enforced.