Tips for how Teachers can Build Confidence in Students

Boosting Confidence In Students

Teachers have the ability to make lasting impressions on their students, impacting them in many different methods. Teachers are able to help their students to increase their confidence through a methodical process, once they have discerned that this is something necessary.

Confidence building in students can be effectively perpetrated by teachers if they can quickly recognize the need for confidence development. A shy student stands out like a sore thumb, and should be quickly spotted by an effective teacher.

Many different students will walk in and out of your classroom throughout your tenure, and you will be taxed with the onerous job of figuring out each of their diverse learning styles, and how to reach all of them effectively.

The effective teacher should also strive to make a significant impact on every student that traipses through their door. Increasing the confidence of a shy student will go a long way to improving their self esteem and allowing them to carry themselves in a manner that affords them the chance to be noticed and taken seriously.

A student without confidence may be walked all over socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. Standing up for oneself and being your own advocate is an important character trait to possess, and a teacher can help lead a student down this path to self awareness.

When looking to boost the confidence of a shy student, the teacher can use several simple techniques to assist them. Many students lack the confidence or self esteem to perform to the best of their ability in their academic pursuits. An effective teacher will be able to recognize a student’s weaknesses, and do their best to help them.

A wise teacher will accentuate all of the positives, and ignore any negatives. Building confidence takes a lot of reward and praise mentality, because the lack of confidence is typically due to a fear of failure, or making a mistake in front of their peer group.

When trying to increase the confidence of a student, teachers can employ many different strategies. Most of these strategies are simple. Small and subtle steps are just as effective as one major overhaul.

An effective teacher will make the student lacking confidence feel more comfortable within the confines of the classroom by making tiny gestures or comments, both to the whole classroom, and to just the student that convey support for the student. Having a teacher that believes in them, contrary to their past experiences can be the tonic to cure what ails them.

Students lacking in confidence need to know that the teacher does not view them in a negative light. A student with a low self esteem will typically feel as though no one understands them, and that other students are making fun of them at all times. The teacher is a salesman. The teacher has to sell the curriculum, and have the students believe that the teacher is selling something worth buying. To this end, if the teacher makes a big deal out of a student’s answers or comments, then the other students may buy into this philosophy.

The effective teacher will make the shy student lacking confidence feel as though their opinions and thoughts are worthwhile and valuable. Even if the student says something that is not necessarily the most profound, the teacher can re-word their sentence to make it sound much more impressive, and the student will feel important. The rest of the class will be duped, and the confidence of the student will rise.

Teachers control the classroom, and as such, they can do whatever is necessary to build the confidence of a student that is lacking in self esteem. The teacher may ask questions that are easy to answer, or at least right up the alley of the student lacking the confidence. Once the student answers some questions correctly, and they feel as though they are smart, their confidence will slowly begin to rise.

By providing an atmosphere that is comfortable, the effective teacher can help students to increase their level of self esteem and confidence. Creating an atmosphere filled with mutual respect and friendship, a teacher can make a world of difference to all of their students, especially those that lack confidence.

Sometimes, a little goes a long way. A high five, a pat on the back, a hand-shake, a knowing wink, these are the sorts of things that can be done without the knowledge of the other students that may make a student grow in their maturity, academic development, and social growth.

Giving a student the gift of knowledge, or to appreciate the art of learning is the joy of any teacher, but to help a student to increase their confidence is an added bonus that makes the profession worth all the while.