Tips on Learning how to Learn

Learning is a lifelong experience.  No matter how old you are you will still continue to learn.  However, many people find it difficult to learn new things.  Often this is because they do not know the best ways for them to learn.  

Here are some tips for learning how to learn:

Know your style

Everybody has a different style of learning.  Usually these can be categorised into three different styles of learning.  These are visual, auditory or kinaesthetic.  To recognise which style of learning suits you, it is important that you analyse previous learning experiences.  Ask yourself, what activities did I enjoy?  Which do I feel taught me the most?  What did I find difficult?  If you are a visual learner then you will find that you learn the most from reading or watching demonstrations or television.  If you are an auditory learner then you will find that you will learn the most when you are given information verbally or during conversation.  If you are a kinaesthetic learner, then you will learn from practical, physical or creative activities.


Try out lots of different activities to help you learn and retain information.  For example, some people find reading a text enough while others prefer to write out bullet point notes, highlight segments of information or to create a mind map of the information that they are learning.  It is only by trying out these different methods that you will find which works best for you.


It can take a while to get into the stride of learning, especially if you have not attempted to learn new things since leaving school.  Don’t give up too easily.  Persevere and adapt to the learning experience.

Choose learning wisely

Learning new subjects and information is much easier if you are interested in the topic that you are studying.  Choose the subjects that you are intending to learn wisely so that you don’t become easily bored, frustrated and tired of the learning experience.

Make it fun

If you have fun while you are learning, then it is likely that you will not only enjoy the experience more, you will also absorb more of the information.  There are lots of ways to make learning fun.  For example, if reading the information seems like an arduous task, then it may be more fun to do a creative activity around the topic or to watch a documentary on the subject.