Two Reasons why Todays Children seem to be Unable to tell the Time

One of the first things parents teach their child as soon as the child is able to understand is how to tell time. Most children pick up this skill quite easily once they understand the basics behind it but sometimes a child can understand the basics behind it and yet still be unable to tell you what the clock is saying.

There are many reasons for this but one of the most insidious ones is Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols. For a young child with Dyslexia it is hard for them to explain fully why it is that they cannot seem to tell the time even though they understand the basics behind doing so. Understanding the theory behind telling the time and yet not being able to do it and certainly not being able to understand why they cannot do it can lead to difficulty for the child causing them to no longer want to learn the time at all.

It is possible for a child with Dyslexia to be able to tell you when it is a whole or half hour (3:00pm-3:30pm etc) but be unable to tell you the smaller pieces of time such as 3:05pm. When a child with Dyslexia looks at a clock they see something different from what someone without Dyslexia sees but they do not know that what they are seeing is wrong because they believe their brain is giving them the right information just as it is supposed to.

A parent of a child who cannot tell the time often does not think that Dyslexia could be the reason for this and so it can go untreated and as the child grows older and still cannot tell the time they start to feel that there is something wrong them, that are dumb. In response to this belief about themselves not only will they give up on trying to tell the time but they will also give up on learning in general.

Another reason why a child may not be able to tell the time is because in this technologically advanced world there are more digital clocks then there are analog. Parents and schools often do not take the time to teach the old big hand, little hand method of telling the time anymore because it is simply easier to teach a child how to tell the time through an analog clock. If you have a clock that says 10:45pm a child will more often then not simply say the time is ten forty-five instead of quarter to eleven. With computers and mobile phones within easy reach of just about every child parents often do not see a reason to teach the big hand, little hand method anymore.

Though through digital clocks children can technically tell time, if you suddenly gave them an analog clock and asked them to tell the time from that they would not be able to tell you because they have not learnt that method of telling the time. It may seem an insignificant difference, digital or analog, but in reality it can cause problems. Imagine if the power went out and all you had left was an analog clock and your child had to take medicine at a certain time everyday or their health would be negatively effected, in this situation being unable to tell the time through an analog clock has a quite significant drawback.

There are many more reasons why children in today’s world are unable to tell the time but these two reasons seems to be the most significant and common reasons.