What Makes a Successful Teacher

A successful teacher must possess a wide variety of qualities. Working well with students and their parents as well as colleagues and administrators requires a different type of expertise than lesson planning. The successful teacher also uses organization, management, and critical thinking skills. Creativity is also an essential teaching talent.

In order for a teacher to help children learn, he or she must develop a good working relationship with them. Showing them that they are cared about by asking them questions about themselves and their interests is one way to build relationships.

Consistent and fair treatment is important when working with children. Teachers should have high expectations for all students and be able to clearly express those expectations. They also need to be able to impose consequences when expectations have not been met.

Teachers need excellent communication skills. Sharing ideas with colleagues and telling parents about their child’s progress are just two areas where teachers must be proficient with exchanging information.

Classroom management skills are essential to the successful teacher. Teachers must be able to keep the classroom organized so that materials can be easily accessed by everyone. An orderly classroom is one way to ensure optimum learning. When the room is not neat, students and teacher alike will waste learning time looking for what they need. Another aspect of classroom management is directing student behavior. As mentioned earlier, clear expectations and consistent enforcement of those expectations will help create an effective learning environment.

Patience is another quality of a successful teacher. Lessons sometimes need to be repeated, often in different ways, until all students understand what has been taught. Each student has different needs and a great teacher must recognize this. Children learn at different paces and in different ways. Teachers need to create lesson plans that encompass different learning styles. For example, some children learn best through movement. Including role-playing activities in a lesson would help these students understand it much better than reading a textbook and answering questions about the reading. Creativity plays a key role in effective lesson planning for the best teachers. Creative lessons that involve activities for multiple learning styles help all students learn and achieve.

A successful teacher will be a facilitator of learning. He or she will teach students how to learn rather than simply telling them what they need to know. The teacher may explain a concept to students then have them complete different activities or projects to apply or use that particular concept.

The ability to challenge students to reach their fullest potential is something every great teacher possesses. Asking a student to do more than she thinks she is capable of increases confidence and achievement.

Teaching is a profession that involves much more than imparting knowledge. Successful teachers know how to work with people from all walks of life. They also know how to creatively plan lessons so that all students can learn to their fullest potential. The most successful teachers also understand the importance of organizing and managing the classroom environment so that optimum learning can occur.