Why Children should be Encouraged to Stay in School

It is important for children to stay in school.  The following are reasons why you should encourage this in your kids and students.

Staying in school can help them get a good job

Most children grow up to work in some sort of job as adults.  When you drop out of school you are less likely to be able to get a good job.  Nowadays, competition for positions is fierce.  There are many people out there with varying degrees and these people are often more desirable to employers.  A lot of jobs will not even consider someone who doesn’t have a college degree much less a high school degree.  If you drop out of school, you might be automatically limiting your job choices from the very beginning.  Also, some students leave school thinking they will be able to easily get a job right away.  Now even the lower paying jobs are even difficult to get, and a lot of people will not hire someone who is so young. 

They may make a decision that can affect them for the rest of their lives

Dropping out of school can affect the rest of your life.  It is very difficult to go back from this decision after a few years pass.  A lot of kids make bad decisions without truly thinking about the consequences.  They are young and may not really think things through.  They may do something impulsively.  They might have this view that everything will be okay no matter what they do because they are so accustomed to their parents taking care of everything for them and being given a lot of chances.  You want to help children make the decision to stay in school. 

They can learn many things that will help them in life

School teaches you far more than you will need for a job.  You will learn many of the basics that you need for everyday life.  You will learn to read well, which most people do every day.  You can learn your math skills and learn about people.  These are important things, and what’s more, in America this valuable grade school education does not cost anything.  Children should be encouraged to take advantage of this free instruction so that they can learn what they need to in order to live life.

All children should be encouraged to stay in school.  You can use the above reasons when talking to your children about this.