Why getting an Education Isn’t a Waste of Time

The popular notion that “getting an education isn’t all that necessary” is a misconception that arises from the fact that some people even without education are able to make it in life.  There are many wealthy and accomplished people who never stepped into a classroom before or dropped out of school somewhere along the way. And they mostly have one thing in common: a degree-less résumé.

Typical examples of such people are Microsoft founder Bill Gates and motivational author Brain Tracy.

While it is true that such people are able to accomplish a lot with their lives, it’s equally true that they’re part of a slim minority. And it’s a scientific fact that not everybody can be successful without education. Education as a society-friendly-experience and standardized institution has a lot of benefits that cannot be overlooked.

First and foremost, it’s mostly in schools that growing children learn the basics of peaceful co-existence and the need to work as a group. Children are exposed to others who are not from their family and from there they get a basic feel of what it means to be part of a group or society as they make new friends, play together and work as members of groups in their studies.

Secondly, students get the chance to learn new things and access learning facilities that may not be available without the school. School libraries and other facilities are some of the things that students have access to. Educational tours also helps students a lot as they grow to become responsible and open-minded members of their societies.

Another reason why getting an education isn’t a waste of time is the interaction between both sexes. Educational institutions help us in our relation with the opposite sex and prepare us for life in a gender-equality-conscious society.

Last but not the least, ours is an education-conscious society. When you go in search of a job, you need to have some certificates or degrees on hand. It’s only a few employers who will be on the lookout for self-educated or degree-less applicants.

Sometimes, the higher you climb the educational ladder the better off you’re. When things get tough, mostly during recessions and jobs become scarce, prospective employers have a wealth of talents to choose from and will normally go in for the applicant with a more professional looking résumé; one that’s proudly sporting a higher degree.

Take for instance the scenario of three jobless folks in a tough economy who applied for a job advertised. One is a high school dropout but brilliant, talented and highly common-sensed. The second is equally brilliant and talented, with a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree, and the third; a MBA (Master Business Administration) degree.

Your guess is as good as mine. That employer will naturally go in for the applicant with the highest degree. Unless you have the talent, courage, motivation and drive to build your own business or create your own means of earning a living, getting educated is a must and isn’t a waste of time.