Why some People are Born Teachers

We are all born with certain talents and abilities.  In fact, how many times have you seen someone dance extremely well without ever having taken a dance class.  They seem to know how to move in perfect rhythm and with grace and ease.  You ask yourself – Were they born that way?

Another example would be the technician who is capable of looking at a motor, a machine or anything technical, and they understand how it works just by looking at it.  They seem to be born with this ability to understand the cause and effect of anything mechanical.  You are concerned about giving them your machine; however, you know that they understand how it works.

Now, in the field of education, there are teachers and there are teachers.  Some individuals have a desire to teach and need training to understand how to do it well.  Others seem to be “natural” teachers with the instinctive ability to educate.  The “natural” teacher possesses various skills and seems to automatically know what to do.

1.  This teacher is born with the compassion to understand and the dedication to educate.  He/She will take any steps necessary to help their student learn. Taking risks and working way beyond the school day is the norm for this teacher. They seem to automatically understand which modality is best for teaching each child.  

2.   Being a master of organization skills will surely help. If your room is run smoothly and fairly, you offer your students the safe and secure environment they need. By constructing this sense of order, you are capable of being flexible and changing techniques as needed.

3.   Some teachers have the innate ability to know what to say and when to say it.  Having excellent communication skills with students, parents and colleagues is a must!  If you have wonderful knowledge but can’t get it across to your students, you’ve failed.  It is essential that you know how to speak to parents.  The “natural” teacher can read people well and knows how not to offend the parents and then turn them away. This person also knows how to share and cooperate with fellow teachers, and how to speak to their administrators.  All of these skills help to describe the person who is a born teacher and successful at their job.

4.   The educators who are born to teach are knowledgeable in their field.  The primary school teacher must be able to cover all the academic subjects as well as teach the “whole” child.  This person instinctively knows how to deal with behavior problems, learning disabilities, and how to find assistance if they cannot meet the child’s needs. In the upper grades this teacher can impart their knowledge of the subject matter, and show its relevance in the real world as well.  

Some people are born to teach, and aren’t we lucky to have known them.