Why Teachers must Lead in the Classroom

Why teachers must lead in the classroom? If teachers don’t lead, who will? Well, this question seems easy but it is not as easy as it sounds. Teacher has to be leader in the classroom to control the class but still, not all teachers understand how to play the role right.

Being a leader in the classroom means you take control of the class and all the things that happen is under your supervision. Question: How to be a leader in the classroom? Most of the teachers just stand in front of the class and teach. They tend to play superior in the class, and make the whole uncomfortable environment in the class. They shout in the class and demand the students to pay full attention to them while they are teaching.

Let’s compare two scenes that commonly happened in the classroom.
First scene
A teacher gets into the classroom. He asks his students to sit tight. He starts explaining the lesson and delivers his knowledge. In the middle of the teaching process, he sees one of the students in his class is playing with his phone. He comes to him, takes away his phone and asks him to get out from the class. Some students are whispering and some others are in shocked because they were sleeping since he started the class.

I bet you are familiar with the scene above. We experienced that scene when we went to school. We all know that after that class, every student will come out saying that the class is boring and too strict. It makes them not comfortable being in the class and they don’t understand a word the teacher delivered.  

Second scene
A teacher gets into the classroom. The students are still chit chatting with their friends. The teacher greets them good morning with a big warm smile. They realize that their teacher is in the classroom already; they stop the chit-chatting and move back to their own place. The teacher starts the lesson. He explains the lesson and delivers his knowledge. In the process, the students are active questioning the things they don’t understand and sometimes the question from one student is answered by another student. The whole class is noisy with all the arguments, questions and answers. Once the lesson is finished, the students say goodbye happily to the teacher.

The second scene must be a mess, they are noisy and all but they sure got what the teacher delivered. They solve the cases by themselves. They are not afraid to ask and answer once they know the answer. It is all because the students are not afraid of their teacher but they pay full respect to him. They listen well when he delivered the lesson.

Put your self in a student’s shoe and answer this question, which class do you prefer?

Well, classroom is a place full of people with different personalities. You deal with a lot of people with different personalities and different abilities to absorb the lesson you are going to transfer to them. In a classroom, you deal with living things which have reactions to every action. So, you cannot demand all the students to just sit and listen to you while you are teaching the whole time.

Every leader has a goal that he should achieve and the goal of being a teacher is successfully deliver subjects in the class, make your students understand what you teach and make sure they absorb the lesson perfectly. It is useless to make your students afraid of you. What important is to make your students respect you. Once they respect you, you will get all the attention you want while you are teaching and delivering the lesson.