Writing Tips when is Relevancy Important in Freelance Writing

Relevancy in writing is always important. In freelance writing you will either be writing towards a topic that you have pitched, or one that was assigned to you. One of the most useful writing tips you will ever come across is to keep your content relevant and interesting.

Relevancy of Content:

To the Topic

The relevancy of your content is important in writing any article with a clearly defined heading. If the genre of the article tends toward personal musings, such as a newspaper opinion-piece, it can be entertaining to digress from the point at hand. But even then, it must only be done to a limit. That limit being just before the piece turns into a directionless, pointless one in which the reader becomes so lost in the reading that by the end of it he doesn’t remember what the article was about in the first place.

Over time

Your article should remain relevant over time, especially if it is an online article. Internet-based content has the advantage of being able to be called up by a user long after the article has been written. But this means that writers must strive to keep their articles relevant and current.  Regular updates can ensure that what your article says about something or someone still applies, or that new developments have been worked into the story. In the case of a once-off news article, this isn’t always easy, but provided your content is interesting enough and shared across different platforms, it can remain satisfyingly relevant.

Contextual Relevance:

Relevancy of Keywords

The keywords that you use repeatedly in your article and as tags in particular, should be relevant to both the topic of the article, and to the words that readers will use to search for articles on the topic. Make sure you read up on popular articles around the topic (or a similar one) to make sure you’re using the right tag words, and in so doing attract more traffic to your article.

Relevancy of Hyperlinks

The same applies to the hyperlinks you use in an online article. Make sure the site address that you hyperlink is relevant to the word you link it to, and to the article as a whole. Over and above this, choose popular and credible sites to hyperlink to. Also try to get these sites to hyperlink to your article, in order to contribute to the SEO of your article. In so doing, you make your article more significantly relevant for readers looking for articles on that topic.

Relevance for Reputation:

Keeping relevancy in mind when you’re writing also affects your own credibility. Your ability to stick to the topic at hand and make pertinent points that the interested reader will appreciate, will be noticed. Otherwise, your articles can become known to veer off-topic and include useless information, damaging your reputation as a writer.

Style Relevance:

Make an effort to keep your articles interesting and easily scan-able for your reader. In the fast-paced world we live in, readers demand content that is relevant with point-form style articles being the preferred reading choice. They also want tailored content that keeps their interest, and doesn’t leave them feeling they’ve wasted their time reading it.