4 Ways to Improve Your Health in 1 Minute or Less

We worry about big health issues like heart problems or cancer, but sometimes it seems like our efforts to prevent them are few and far between.

Fear not – there are simple and quick things you can do keep yourself feeling healthy and relaxed. Here offers 4 ways to improve your health in 1 minute or less.

#1 – Kick Start Your Day with Flowers

While daily routines can deflate our energy level and outlook on life before the weekend even arrives, research shows that relief is as close as the nearest florist, or grocery store. According to a recent study at Rutgers University, flowers promote long-term, positive effects on our energy and mood, and can even reduce depression and anxiety.

#2 – Get Cozy with Your Man

New research suggests getting cozy with your man will earn you more than just brownie points. Anything from a quick snuggle, to getting busy between the sheets will do the trick, a recent study in Psychosomatic Medicine suggests. For every cuddly minute, cortisol, the hormone our body releases in response to stress, is reduced by seven percent. So go ahead and get close, it does your body good.

#3 – Eat Chocolate

Eying up that chocolate bar in your kitchen pantry? No guilt needed, according to a recent study at Northumbria University in Britain. Full of flavanols, which help to increase blood flow to the brain, and flavonoids, which help our body repair damage and fight toxins, chocolate can improve memory, fight fatigue, and aid the body in mentally challenging tasks.

#4 – Turn Up the Tunes

Next time you find yourself crawling the walls in a stressful situation, slip on your headphones and turn up the tunes. According to a recent study at Cleveland Clinic, music can slow the neuronal firings deep within the brain, lowering your blood pressure and stress level.

The editor’s  Review:

I so agree with #3 and prefer dark chocolate. I would also add that eating breakfast is a great way to improve your health.

Skipping breakfast to lose weight was my downfall. I would not eat breakfast and feel virtuous, and by lunchtime I was ravenous and would make poor food choices like pizza or load up on unhealthy fred options at my local salad bar.

I now start my day with a delicious, healthy and filling breakfast and have lost 50 pounds over the last year. My breakfast is a nice sized portion of 0% fat thick rich Greek yogurt, berries and fitflax. I recently discovered FitFlax and it is delicious, loaded with Omega 3’s, fiber and antioxidants so it not only promotes weight loss, it also is great for your skin, hair and overall health. FitFlax is a low carb/low calorie flax and chia blend that is nutty, yummy delicious (tastes like peanut butter) that is great straight from the bag, and also tastes great in salads or in Greek yogurt.

I heard about this wonder food on the Dr. Oz show and it has helped me a lot in my weight battle.