Are skin tags contagious

Skin tags are a debatable issue, but it is certain that it is not contagious. Before you dwell on the debate on whether such tags are contagious or not, you should know what skin tag is.

To be more precise, you should understand how it is formed on the skin’s surface?

How it is formed

They are just excessive skin. It is not a matter of getting infected from someone. You don’t get excess skin just be getting infected.

It is formed because of the collagens and blood vessels concentrating on one part of the skin. The process swells the skins and thus, they are formed.

Why it is not contagious

Medical experts have conducted many experiments over the years on whether they could be contagious on any given point. The answer has always been no.

The reason why research scientists have come to the conclusion that they cannot be contagious by any means is the lack of virus element in its formation.

Virus does not spread any infection from the already formed itchy skin rashes to other bodies. In fact, virus doesn’t have a role to play in those tags.

Though, few studies had showed that virus could play a role in its formation, but nothing concrete had cropped up from anywhere.

Scientists still maintain that the tags are virus free.

However, warts, unlike skin tags, which look more or less like it, are contiguous. It is spread to other bodies through HPV virus, but HPV has no role to play in them.

The best example of them being not contagious could be seen from the genital skin rashes. Sexual intercourse with a person with genital skin tags have never resulted in transmission of disease.

Therefore, it is simply a thrust of skin, and nothing else.