How to Deal with Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are temporary contractions of the muscles and they usually appear during physical effort. The sensation is similar to the one you have when you feel a strong, involuntary tightening of the muscle group that you can’t control any more. There are many causes which bring about cramps, but they happen most often because of insufficient warming up before training.

Muscle cramps are temporary muscle contractions, and they usually occur during physical exertion. Feeling like the one you have when you do not feel strong, involuntary tightening of muscles that you can not control. There are many reasons to get cramps, but they happen more often due to insufficient warm-up.

Good and proper warm-up in two phases: general (cardio), fever (running, cycling, etc.) and heated to the specific provisions in which the major joints and muscle groups that are involved in training. It’s enough to not give up, for various reasons (stress, superficiality, ignorance), the time or the importance of these steps and seizures may be a recent phenomenon.As important as the warm-up phase of relaxation after training. It’s like warming up, two steps: dynamic (aerobic) and static (tensile). It is designed to “appease” the body and muscle tension and breakdown products from the training led to the end. Lack of relaxation can slow the recovery process of the body, as is often due to cramps in the next training, and sometimes even at rest.

Seizures may also electrolytic imbalance, which lose electrolytes with a large number of solid welding results can occur. Restoration of hydro-electrolyte balance is a priority, and it can be balanced and varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables implemented and completed on a regular basis with food additives, poly and poly-vitamins, minerals.For muscle spasms occur in the learning process, firstly, you need to do to stop the effort, convulsions production. Massaging the affected area is a good idea. This will increase blood circulation in this group of muscles and quickly remove the decay products of the training.

It is also a time for easy expansion, which will not only benefit from the affected areas, but also an antagonist. This exercise is affected restored muscle fibers in their normal alignment, the contribution to the relaxation of muscles, but also to expand and thus the group of muscles spasms elastic.

Another element may be favorable warm shower, helps tight muscles is back to normal peripheral vasodilation. Ignoring the cramps may be more or less severe cases, muscle tightening of muscle failure. In addition, the physical effects of seizures, the athlete may also affect psychologically. He did not dare to increase training no more than this is a temporary work force was frightened. He may even hypochondriacs suspicion joint effort muscle pain during or after the test, a symptom of seizures.

Experience in sports is the best prevention for these situations that practitioners in the position, the difference between real situations and false alarms, thereby promoting more efficient training.


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