Mottled skin in infants

If you have a newborn baby, there are many possibilities to notice it. Take in mind there are some extremely mottled skin problems that must be treated with a good pediatrician.

It is a problem that affects many newborn children. Sometimes is a topic why some parents worry. It is good to learn about some conditions that cause certain problems to children or babies; it could imply a health situation that can be of interest for many. Sometimes mottled skin is common on chests, legs and other parts of the baby body. For some is a motive of preoccupation, for others there is no reason of any worry.

I think is good to learn about, what mottled skin is. I can tell you it is caused by vasomotor variability in newborn infants. The true is most babies’ mottled skin is not an important medical situation. In most of the cases that change with the age. The scientific name of this is cutis marmorata. The origin is when blood vessels in babies are not provided sufficient. Remember we are talking about newborns and their little bodies are not yet developed. In some body regions this situation produces some sort of redness, in others the effect is whiteness. Only in rare cases can be something congenital.


  • By all means, my suggestion is to look after your baby, and keep warned about his skin. The most ideal decision is to look for a doctor advice. You can notice how normal can be the mottled characteristics of your baby. Sometimes when a baby is exposed to a cold weather those conditions mottled skin infant can appear. Others parents have said their offspring have developed this color on his/her skin when they have fever. For some parents mottling can disappear with warming.
  • If you always check your baby you could avoid emergencies. Some think sometimes mottled skin can be provoked by certain illnesses, for example I read about a mother who affirm that her daughter had mottled skin when had meningitis. Others believe it can be connected to heart defects, but not necessarily is true at all.