How to do Aromatherapy Oils Muscle Spasm Insomnia Skin Care

Being able to channel the therapeutic and inspiring qualities of plant aroma to help you relax, calm and treat minor ailments is very possible. Aromatherapy works in many ways with many oils and benefit’s the whole person and body.

Basil Oil: Aroma is sweet and licorice in a way, used in bath, massage and inhalation. Mainly used to help with respiratory infections, indigestion and fever. Affects mood in a warming way. Avoid in pregnancy.

Benzoin: Scent is smoky or woody used as inhalation or massage. Helpful for irritated skin and throat infections. Affects your mood in a boosting warming way. May irritate skin.

Black Pepper: spicy oil used in massage for muscle spasms. It affects the mood in a cozy manner. This oil can annoy skin.

Cedar Wood: The aroma of this oil is woody used in massages, inhalation and in skin care. It benefits those with dry skin, eczema and acne. It is calming and soothing to the mood. It should be avoided in pregnancy.

Cinnamon: An oil with the fragrance of warm spiciness used in a massage helps with nausea and digestive problems. Affects the mood in a warm feeling. Can be inflaming if inhaled.

Eucalyptus: This oil has a very sharp camphor smell used as an inhalation, compress or in bath creams. It is beneficial as a decongestant or antiseptic. This oil affects the mood in a stimulating and rejuvenating way. It should be avoided in pregnancy.

Geranium: Aroma is very sweet and floral used as an inhalation or in bath creams and or lotions. This oil is beneficial to balance skin care and as a diuretic. It affects the mood in a stimulating way.

Jasmine: The fragrance of this oil is intense floral, used in compress, bath or inhalation. The use of this oil helps with mood enhancement and eases period pain. It brings a purifying, cleansing feeling to the mood. This oil should not be used in pregnancy or when breast-feeding.

Lemon: Aroma of sharp citrus can be used as inhalation, skin care or massage for problems with respiration, circulation and toning. It affects the mood in a revitalizing, refining way. Do not apply to skin before sun exposure.

Melissa Oil: This aroma is sharp lemon/floral, used in bath to help with hormonal disorders, stress and respiration. It affects the mood in a restorative manner. It may annoy sensitive skin.

Patchouli Oil: An earthy fragrance used in massage or skin care. This oil helps damaged skin and is an aphrodisiac. It brings about a soothing, sensual mood.

Petit grain: A citrus scent used in hair and skin care and inhalation helping with anxiety, insomnia and skin problems. It is an uplifting and cleansing mood enhancement.

Thyme Oil: Aroma, which is spicy used in bath and inhalation to help stimulate appetite and help with infections. Affects the mood in an antiseptic way. It should be used in small doses and avoid in pregnancy.

These are just a few essential oils and their benefits. When using for the first time it is important to try small doses to see how you will react to each one. The skin can become irritated easily and allergies can be affected. Try not to combine too many at a time. Do your research on each and everyone before usage.