Using Senna Tea – My Story

First of all I know what it feels like to be ‘bunged up’!

It’s the worst feeling in the world isn’t it? Well I’m going to reveal to you how senna tea helped me when nothing else would.

I am very regular, twice a day like clockwork. Before this incident I had never even thought about having any problems going to the toilet, but then I started on the Atkins diet to try and lose some weight…

I didn’t think I did anything drastic, I cut out unnecessary carbs and increased my fat intake, I wasn’t even following the diet that closely. Then one Sunday about 2 weeks later I noticed I hadn’t been to the toilet, and I don’t think I’d been on the Saturday either, but I wasn’t really worried.

Then Monday rolled along and I started to feel the need to go, but I couldn’t, that was when I started to worry because then I knew something was up. I didn’t do anything at first, I just hoped it would go away and I tried without success to go to the toilet throughout the day, trying not to strain too much as I know that can give you hemorrhoids.

Then on Tuesday I started to feel really ‘stuffed’, I started to cut down what I was eating and I went out and bought some over the counter laxatives, the ones with some sort of chemical in to make you go. You are supposed to take 1 the first time, so I took 2 as I was getting desperate.

Wednesday came about and I had still not been, now I was feeling like I needed to go constantly and it was either Wednesday or Thursday when I started to feel like I had a balloon in me when I sat down, it wasn’t exactly painful, just really uncomfortable, and as I work on a computer all day then I was really getting desperate at this point.

By Wednesday I had stopped eating any real quantity of food as I just didn’t feel like it, I was having trouble getting to sleep due to how my insides felt, and I went out to buy some stool softener as the laxatives hadn’t done anything at all.

By Thursday it was driving me crazy, I had never experienced this before and it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had, by this time I was desperate and would have eaten rocks if it would have just given me some relief! The stool softener hadn’t done anything over the 24 hours I’d been using it, but to be fair they do say it will take a few days for it to work, I just couldn’t wait that long.

So I booked in with my doctor but they couldn’t see me until Friday afternoon, and then that night I saw my mother and let her know about my problem, she told me that the only thing that has ever worked for her was loose leaf senna tea, note that is the real leaves not some over-priced teabag with hardly anything in it.

We have this little tea strainer which looks like two teaspoons joined together with holes in, so you just put as many senna tea leaves as you can in that, stew it in boiling water for 5 minutes, then drink it before bed or before work. It takes about 12 hours or so to work and I had mine before bed ready to go the next day.

Finally you can find more benefits of senna tea leaf here and there are also side effects and reviews you can read.