6 Tips for Choosing an Atlanta HVAC Contractor

Hearing that you need to replace a central ac system is bad enough, but knowing that you now have to go find and learn how to choose an HVAC contractor can be very stressful when its hot and humid outside your Atlanta home! Like any other business, the home HVAC replacement market has its share of both good and bad contractors and using the wrong air conditioning and heating company could haunt you for up to 15 years!

In this Atlanta HVAC buying guide, we want to share simple tips for finding an HVAC contractor in Atlanta.

Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations:

Many of them have had heating or cooling work done in the last few years and they be able to offer advice on who to call and who to steer away from. If you receive bad reviews from those you trust, this is probably not the company for you.

Use our list of pre-screened, qualified contractors right here in Atlanta:

We take the hassle and time out of getting in touch with professionals who are equipped and ready to take care of your heating and cooling needs. You can get 3 FREE estimates using this service, with no obligation or cost.

Search by Brand:

If you have a brand in mind that you prefer, the brand website will probably list contractors in the Atlanta area that sell, install and service their products. Consider looking at Carrier, Bryant and Goodman websites to find a pro near you.

Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

The bottom line is that replacing your Atlanta home HVAC system is not cheap. You are going to spend several thousand dollars of your money and shopping around for the best deal and highest quality you can reasonably afford, should be expected! You should always (no exception) get at least 3 written quotes for projects like HVAC replacement, and never make a decision until you have weighed the benefits of each.

Make sure you ask the contractors:

  • Are You Licensed and Insured?

Don’t just settle for the answer of yes… ask the contractor for their state license number and a copy of their proof of insurance certificate. Do not feel like you are putting them out, it’s a common question that many people ask.

If the contractor stutters or does not provide the info, move on to another!

  • How Long Have you Been in Business?

The longer period of time a contractor is in business can easily let you know how long to expect them to be here in the future! Just like hiring an employee… who would you want, the new guy with limited experience, bouncing from job to job… Or the seasoned veteran, who is willing to stay the course through thick and thin!

  • Do you Drug Screen or Background Check Employees?

The HVAC industry as a whole is a blue collar profession that has its share of less than perfect individuals. Fortunately, there is a much higher number of high quality and outstanding professionals who fill the field also.

Do you want drug abusers or thieves in your home? If the contractor cannot assure you drug free and criminally cleared employees in your home, move on to another company.

  • Are Your Installers and Technicians NATE Certified?

Every industry has a professional organization that performs standardized testing to ensure qualified and highly skilled technicians and mechanics. In the HVAC industry, the certification is called NATE. North American Technician Excellence.

If the contractor is not NATE certified, move to another company!

  • Will Permits and Inspections be Completed?

Almost every city in the USA requires that permits and safety inspections be completed on HVAC replacement. These are done to make sure YOU are protected from less than qualified contractors, or companies who do not know how to properly install equipment to the codes and standards of the area you live!

If your contractor is not going to get permits or have the job inspected, find another contractor!

  • Do You Perform Load Calculations?

Precise calculations are required to make sure the system is properly sized for your home! Many contractors will skip a local calculation simply due tot he time it takes, and instead, they will just replace with the size you have.

If your contractor will not do, or provide a copy of the Manual J or Manual D load calculations, choose another contractor!

What Other Tips Would You Add?

Join the discussion below, share your own or questions to ask before hiring an Atlanta HVAC Contractor.