Is There Gluten in Wheatgrass?

Is there gluten in wheatgrass? I have celiac disease [gluten intolerance] and have found a lot of green food supplement products that say they are gluten free but they have wheatgrass or barley grass in the ingredients lists. Are these products really gluten free? I don’t know if I should be risking it. This isRead More

No Pain, No Gain

The evidence, both actual and anecdotal, started as a trickle, lately has seemed like a flood. I know, it’s been the case since the dawn of time: each generation of adults laments the laziness and softness of each new generation of kids, saying stuff like: “Why, there, you whippersnapper, in my day I walked threeRead More

Comedy of Remarriage: Romcoms of Yesterday

These days, in Hollywood, the romantic comedy, aka “romcom,” is mostly about people hovering around the age of thirty who haven’t “hooked up” yet. And since they tend to be written by men and women around that age, the hijinks can be pretty sophomoric, jejeune, and– well, from my POV, downright dull. The verbal interplay:Read More

Plyometric Exercises

Using plyometric exercises are a great way to jump higher, run faster and also be quicker. In order to get the best results you will also want to add these exercises to a weight lifting routine as well. Below you will find a plyometric workout that you can start doing today to improve your speedRead More

Damaged or Delighted?

Why broken bones can be a good thing for a kid.You know the world’s going to hell in a hand-basket when you can’t even sit at the park, trying to drown out the cacophony of your ennui by listening to your iPod in peace while your kid rides her bike. One minute I’m feeling oldRead More

Get rid of your PMS headache fast

By Debi Rideout Many women suffer every month from PMS headaches. PMS means premenstrual syndrome. PMS for a woman starts about five to 11 days before the start of her monthly menstrual cycle. This includes both emotional and physical symptoms. Getting a PMS headache is a very normal symptom to have for a woman. LearnRead More

Are skin tags contagious

Skin tags are a debatable issue, but it is certain that it is not contagious. Before you dwell on the debate on whether such tags are contagious or not, you should know what skin tag is. To be more precise, you should understand how it is formed on the skin’s surface? How it is formedRead More