3rd Grade Math Helping your Child

Third grade math is hard for some and easy for others. Not all children are good at math. Some are good at arts or sports. Others are good at science or social studies. I think it really depends on what interests them. I have also learned that by making it fun for them to learn they want to learn. It also helps them to learn a lot faster.
For example:
When I was in school I had a fun teacher. She used to play math games with us in class. One game is called around the world. All you need is some prizes or small pieces of candy (can probably get at a dollar store) and some flash cards. doesn’t matter if it is times table or division or even addition or subtraction anything will really work.
How it works:
Say there it 20 kids in a class. (standard size) Start at the end of that class. The student stands up and looks at the teacher holding the card to see if he/she know what the answer is. If the answer is right he/she gets to go to the next desk and receives a prize for that turn. But if that student gets the answer wrong then they sit down at the desk they stopped at and the next student takes over. They play this game until one of the kids get to the end of the world ( or the desk).
But the point of it is that the game is fun and after a while of playing the kids will start to remember the answers themselves.