5 best Teacher Tips for Winning Respect from your Students

5 Best Teacher Tips for Winning Respect from Students

As a teacher, you wish to be able to control your classroom in the best possible manner. An effective teacher is one that can illuminate the minds and intoxicate the soul of their students. Winning respect from your students is a crucial aspect of being an effective teacher. The ability to win the respect of your students relies on your teaching practices and techniques. Students can be a harsh group to manage, but garnering their respect can be accomplished through several key teacher tips when properly implemented.

1) INTEGRITY – a teacher that wants to earn the respect of the students must have integrity. Following through on all disciplinarian matters is essential. If you do not do something that you said you would do in a given situation, you will lose the respect and admiration of your students. Teachers must let it be known just who is the boss, and that there is a hierarchy in place. Remember too that you are the teacher, and not their friend. Do not try to be their buddy, for they already have friends. What they need is a teacher, and one that knows which boundaries not to cross.

2) FAIR & CONSISTENT – gaining the respect of your students involves being fair and consistent when it comes to all matters of teaching. The way that you mark tests and assignments, to the way that you call on students for answers should always be consistent and without bias. Any bias, whether real or perceived, can sway the students away from adorning you with their respect. The consequences for any action should be clearly understood prior, which can easily be achieved by mutually agreeing upon the rules and guidelines of the classroom at the onset of the school year.

3) TRUSTWORTHY – being trustworthy can earn you respect. If you come across as a trustworthy person, students may be more apt to let you win over their respect. A teacher should be believable and trusted at all times. Much like a salesman, students must be willing to buy what the teacher is selling, which just happens to be an education. Never betray the trust of a student, or else you will never win the respect of a student again.

4) SHOW RESPECT – being a role model for respect is an excellent method to go about winning the respect of your students. While you are in charge, it does not hurt to show students the respect that they deserve. Respect is reciprocated when it is clearly defined. Be the type of teacher that you wish you had as a student, or like the teacher that you did have that you still remember fondly. This may also include keeping your cool at all times. If your demeanour fluctuates, you may lose respect. Your countenance should always be friendly and inviting.

5) DON’T JUST LECTURE – students need their teachers to engage their minds via the three diverse learning styles. Not every student learns effectively from lectures. Many students enjoy the auditory lesson, but also need a visual and kinesthetic aspect as well. Learning is enhanced when presented in more than one fashion, so make sure to reach out to every single student in your class, and the respect will soon follow.

Winning respect from students can be simply accomplished by adhering to these five aforementioned strategy tips. Once you earn the respect of the students, it will be much easier to maintain it. As new students come along each year, your reputation will have preceded you, which will put you well on pace to winning the respect of a new generation.